It is in public and sees the world XXL - porn movies

It is in public and sees the world XXL - porn movies

When we left the beach, it almost felt weird to be wearing clothes again.  After all, we’d been naked for most of the day.  We’d been so free and so open that even my t-shirt and shorts felt uncomfortable.Chad didn’t say a word till we got in the car.  But as soon as we shut the car doors, he seemed to be dying to talk.  “Dude,” he said, “holy shit!  That was something else.  I can’t believe we just did that, I mean...”I waited for him to finish his sentence, but he didn’t.  “So you enjoyed it?”“Well yeah, I mean it was hot.  I-I guess it’s just, you know...”“It’s just what?”He paused.  “Well, I shouldn’t... no, don’t worry about it.”“Whatever’s on your mind, you can say it.”Chad licked his lips.  “That Middle Eastern guy’s dick felt totally different from yours.  And so did the other guy’s.  I-I mean, I liked them... but they weren’t what I was used to.”  He swallowed hard.  “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised?”“Well, my dick isn’t exactly the only one out there...”“I know.”  Chad was about to turn the car on, but then he hesitated.  “I mean, I knew you were into this stuff in porn.  I didn’t really get why it turned you on so much, at least not at first.  But after this... woah.”“You really liked it that much?”“Don’t get me wrong,” he said.  “Your dick is the one I want to come home to.  It’s just...”“You want to experiment.”“Well, like I said, I don’t want to fuck this up.  I-I, well, we’d need to do it right.”  He finally turned the ignition.  “But yeah, it was fun.  And kind of kinky.  So I’m up for more if you are.”I could feel myself getting hard at that thought.  But I also had my share of nerves.  “Yeah,” I said.  “I guess I feel the same way.”It only took a few minutes to get back to Chad’s house.  As soon as we did, we both went online and started looking for advice.  A few websites had tips, but others just said to “do what’s right for you”—which was nice, I guess, but not especially useful.I, for one, was trying to walk a fine line.  I didn’t want to go back to my slut phase; I felt like I’d learned my lesson and put that stuff behind me.  But I could tell Chad wanted to broaden his horizons, which I wasn’t opposed to, partly because I did like showing him off.After much discussion, we agreed on some basic ground rules.  First, we’d always do this stuff together; we’d only invite others if both of us agreed.  And we’d always wear protection, at least with the other guys.  We didn’t want to risk developing feelings for our hookups, so we’d keep them as anonymous as possible.  The trick, of course, was how to pull all that off.“You know,” Chad said, “you do still have a Grindr account, don’t you?”“I guess so,” I said.  “I haven’t used it in forever, but... I mean, if you want to give it a shot...”“We might as well use it.  Unless you’ve got a better idea.”I shrugged.  “Where are the good gay bars around here?”“Hell if I know.  I didn’t exactly hang out there in high school.  I would guess they’re probably in Hillcrest, but I’d be the wrong guy to ask...”I was about to respond, but then I heard a knock.  “Hello?” came Mrs. Collins’s voice.  “Are you boys decent?”Shit, I thought, what a cock block.Chad shut his laptop.  “We’re fine, Mom.  Come in.”Mrs. Collins opened the bedroom door, and she stuck her head inside.  “Well,” she said, “it looks like you’ve been keeping yourselves busy.”Chad acted like we were just shooting the breeze.  “We’re cool,” he said.  “We were just down by Mission Bay.”I didn’t think that was the beach’s name, but I wasn’t about to say anything.  I just went with his story.“I need to RSVP to the benefit next week.  Did you boys want to go?”I blinked.  “Benefit?”Chad shook his head.  “It’s this thing for military families.  Mom’s on their board of directors.  They always do their big shindig on New Year's.  But it’s boring as hell: mostly just rich people drinking champagne.”“Well, I’ll still need to be there,” she said.  “Scott, you’re invited too.”I looked at Chad.  “I... well, I’m fine with whatever.”“We’ll stay here, Mom.”“If you’re sure,” she said.  “Just don’t get into trouble like that brother of yours.”Chad and I exchanged glances.  “We won’t.”“And I don’t want you making yourself scarce,” she said.  “I want to spend quality time with you.  Considering I don’t get to see you that often.”“Aw jeez—”“It’s true,” she said.  “If this isn’t the time for family, what is?”I felt a pang of guilt as she said it.  After all, as she’d pointed out before, I was a guest in her house.  Even Chad was really there to see her and Patrick.  It didn’t seem right for us to be looking for dick—at least not at that moment.The guilt trip worked, because we spent the rest of that day together.  Mrs. Collins un-grounded Patrick, at least for the time being, so I got to see all their family dynamics in action.  Their Christmas traditions did throw me off, because they were nothing like mine: among other things, they hired someone to put up their decorations, which were all bland and generic.  Still, despite their quirks, they did have a weird affection for each other.I kept trying to figure out Patrick.  On the one hand, he was clearly smarter than I’d realized.  At one point we went to see A Christmas Carol onstage, and he started talking about the Victorian Era.  I eventually found out his dad was a history buff, so he and Chad had been raised on a diet of books and documentaries.At the same time, the dude could be a total tool.  On Christmas Eve, we were out having dinner, and Mrs. Collins left to use the bathroom.  While she was gone, Patrick had the balls to ask: “so which of you is the woman?”“The woman?” Chad asked.“Well you know, if you’re getting it on—”“In a gay relationship, there isn’t any woman,” Chad said.  “That’s kind of the point.”I couldn’t help noticing Chad’s choice of words.  This was the closest he’d come to saying he was gay.“You know what I mean,” Patrick said.“You mean bottoming?”“What the hell is that?”“It means getting it up the ass,” Chad asked.  “And if you really want to know, we like to mix it up.  The word for that is versatile.”“Shit,” Patrick said.“Do you really want to know more?”“No, that’s fine, I was just saying—”“Just saying what?” Chad asked.  “Are you seriously that interested in how we get off?”“That’s gross!” Patrick said.  “Talk about TMI—”“Well, you brought it up.”“I get the point, okay?  You don’t need to rub it in.”“Fine,” Chad said.  “But don’t ask the question if you don’t want to hear the answer.”I tried to gauge what Patrick was thinking.  He did seem awfully curious, and maybe a little skittish, so I had to wonder if there was something going on.  He was definitely a good-looking guy, with a lot of the same features as Chad; but he did seem edgier and just the slightest bit dangerous.  I was sure he could get laid nearly any way he wanted.  I had to remind myself that he was my boyfriend’s brother and thus very much off-limits.After dinner, as we drove back to the house, I starting noticing our surroundings looked familiar.  I saw a few rainbow flags in the windows, and I realized the neighborhood had been in Nick and Jay’s travelogues.  Then we drove by a big sign that said “HILLCREST” in all caps.I remembered what Chad had said earlier, about the local gay bars.  I shot him a look, and he nodded back at me.  I was tempted to get out of the car and explore, but I knew it would need to wait.When we got home, Mrs. Collins sent Patrick back to his room, and the rest of us watched some TV.  Eventually, when she went to bed, Chad and I finally had time to ourselves—which was what we’d really wanted all along.We started snuggling on the couch, and I rested my head on his shoulder.  Chad stared at the blank spot on the wall.  “You know,” he said at one point, “I wish that was a picture of us up there.”I looked up at him.  “Wouldn’t that offend your dad?”“I dunno,” he said.  “From what Mom says, I’m not sure he’ll ever set foot in here again.”  He sighed.  “I mean, she’s been talking about divorce for a while... but never like this.”I tightened my arms around him.  “I’m sorry,” was all I could say.“It is what it is,” he said.  “Listen, babe... if you’re ever not happy with me, or if I piss you off or whatever, I want you to tell me.  Be honest.  I mean, I don’t know much about this relationship stuff... so I don’t want to fuck it up.”“I never said anything about fucking it up.”“I know you didn’t, but I haven’t exactly had the best role models.  Definitely none who are gay.”I paused.  “There’s that word again.”“What?”“You’ve never actually described yourself that way.”Chad rolled his eyes.  “Okay fine.  I’ll say it: I’m gay.  I can’t exactly deny it anymore.  A hundred percent dick-loving gay.  It’s not like that’s a fucking news flash... especially to you.”“Hm,” I said. “I guess that’s one way of putting it... but I’m still proud of you for saying it.”Chad put his hand on my crotch.  “Yeah, well, you know this cock is what made me admit it...”I turned my head, and my lips met his.  It was a polite kiss at first, but then Chad slid his hand up my shirt.  I responded in kind, and we started getting more randy.  My fingers made their way down his spine, and eventually down into his asscrack.“Mm,” Chad said between kisses.  “Keep going, baby...”“Are you sure we should do this down here?”“Yeah, why not?” he asked.  “Nobody’ll see us now.”I looked up at the Christmas decorations.  “So you’re saying you want to be put on the naughty list?”“I thought we agreed to explore our naughty sides some more.”“Yes we did,” I said, and I kissed him again.Chad let me play with his ass some more.  Then he broke off the kiss and stood up.  He fumbled with my fly, then yanked down my pants and socks and everything else.  My boner bounced into view, and as soon as it did, he licked his lips.  “Oh fuck yeah,” he said.I took off my shirt and threw it aside.  Then I reached over to Chad, undid his zipper, and pulled his pants down too.  I didn’t bother with any niceties: I just took his dick in my hands, aimed it at my face, and took it into my mouth.“Shit,” he gasped, and he put his hands on my face.  “Yeah baby, suck that fucking cock.”I followed his orders, and I took him so deep that I almost gagged.  I ran my tongue along his shaft, and I clamped my lips around his girth.  I could practically feel his blood pumping inside my mouth.  I kept bobbing my head up and down while also caressing his skin with my hands.Eventually Chad took off his shirt, which was the only thing either of us was still wearing.  He tossed it on the couch, and then he stood above me buck naked.  “Aw fuuck...”I stopped sucking him for a moment, then looked into his eyes.  “Is your gay dick liking that?”“Mm,” he said.  “My gay dick wants a helluva lot more than just that.”“Does it now?” I asked.  “Do tell.”Chad didn’t answer, at least not verbally.  He just pushed me back on the coffee table, then leaned down toward my cock.  He kissed the tip as he looked into my eyes.  Then he kissed the ridge on the underside of my shaft, and he slowly made his way downward.  When he got to my ballsack, he stuck out his tongue and ran it back up my rod.  Finally he opened his mouth, took me inside, and started sucking away.“Fuck,” I gasped.Chad played with my balls as he blew me.  I sighed with pleasure, and I could feel my muscles start to tighten up.  I didn’t want to bust quite yet, but Chad was going to town on me, and there was only so long I could resist.Then, just when I was about to go over the edge, he took his mouth off my cock, and he went down to my taint.  He ran his tongue along the base of my sack, teasing it just the way I liked it.  Then he sucked my left nut, rolled it around in his mouth, then moved on to my right.  I had to force myself not to let out a loud moan.Chad moved further between my legs.  He licked my taint some more, then started heading toward my hole.I pulled up my legs till my knees were pressed against my shoulders.  My pucker was pointed straight at Chad.  He stared at it for a second, licked his lips, then dove his face between my cheeks.Chad’s beard tickled my crack, and his tongue flicked against my hole.  I wanted more, so I pressed my ass against him.  Chad responded just the way I wanted: he devoured my crack like his life depended on it.“Omigod,” I said as I felt his tongue go inside me.  By now my nerves were going haywire.  I was so close, I knew I could bust any second.Chad reached up, and he stroked my cock while he tongue-fucked my ass.  My body shivered with pleasure.  Then my balls tightened up, and I knew that was it.“Oh shit!” I gasped as my cum blasted out of me.  A rope shot across my abs, and a bunch of gobs splattered on my chest.Chad kept going till my dick finished shooting.  Then he came up for air; his face was a little red, and he seemed out of breath.  “I want to fuck that ass so bad.”My first thought was was that we needed lube.  But Chad was already on it: he scooped up the cum from my body, then reached down and rubbed it on my hole.  He stuck a few fingers inside me, and he got me nice and wet.It felt weird to have my own cum up my ass.  It was still warm, and it felt especially gooey down there.  But I didn’t have time to think about it, because the next thing I knew, Chad was getting in position.  He looked at me for a second, and he licked his lips.  Then I felt his mushroom tip pop inside me.“Fuck me,” I said.Chad did as he was told.  He shoved his dick further up my chute till he was in balls-deep.  Then he started pumping away.  “Oh yeah,” he said, “I love that manly ass.”“That’s it, baby—”“Such a tight fucking ass... aw shit, you feel so good...”Chad was ramming me so hard that I thought I could fall off the table.  But then he grabbed my waist and pulled me back, all while keeping his cock inside me.  I gripped the sides of the table, and I savored the feeling of his pole up my butt.  “Oh yeah,” I said, “give it to me...”“You want my gay-ass dick?”“You know I do,” I said.  “It’s made just right for my gay-ass boyhole.”“I love that boyhole,” he said, “and I love the package it comes with.”I liked where he was going with this.  “Tell me about it...”“I love how that cock feels,” he said, “and how it tastes... and I love those balls, and all the cum they make for me...”“Keep going...”“And I love your fucking six-pack.  And those hairy armpits are so fucking sexy...”I lifted my arms to give him a nice view.  He took my right hand and guided it into his mouth.  Then he sucked my fingers, one by one, while he kept on pounding away.When Chad finished playing with my pinky, he leaned down and kissed me.  “Most of all,” he said, “I fucking love you.”I’d never heard Chad talk like that before.  He’d never seemed like the lovey-dovey type, but those words made me feel better than any sex ever could.  “I love you too, baby.”Chad kissed me again, then leaned back up and started picking up the pace.  His dick kept pistoning inside me, and his balls and thighs kept smacking against me, faster and faster, till his whole body was practically vibrating.“Oh fuck!” I yelled as he hit my prostate, and a new wave of pleasure shot through my body.“O-o-o-o-o-oh yeah,” he said as he suddenly slowed down, and I felt him shoot inside me.  I was so used to that feeling, yet it still felt fucking amazing every single time.  My favorite part was the look on his face, knowing how great he must feel.As it turned out, I wasn’t far behind him.  I just let out a yelp as I busted another nut.  My second load wasn’t as big as my first one, but it sure as hell felt good.  More blobs of cum burst out of my cock and landed all over my abs.Chad pulled out of me, stepped back, and plopped down on the couch.  “Woah,” he said, “that was awesome.”I rolled onto my side and smiled.  “Merry Christmas to you too.”Chad just rolled his eyes and chuckled.I didn’t want to move, but I knew I couldn’t lie on the table forever.  Eventually we headed up to Chad’s room, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.Even the next morning, I woke up to find Chad’s body still pressed against mine.  I loved just lying there, watching him sleep, feeling his chest slowly rising and falling.Eventually, of course, duty called.  Once Chad got up, we made our way downstairs to celebrate Christmas morning.  Mrs. Collins had laid out breakfast in the family room, with coffee, croissants, and a bunch of other stuff.  I tried to gauge if she’d wiped down that table or if she had any idea what Chad and I had done there.  I figured the answer was probably no on both counts.When we opened our presents, I was shocked to find Chad had gotten me an iPad.  It was way more than I’d expected: I’d just given him a few movies on Blu-ray, and I’d given his family a wine basket.  Chad acted like everything was cool, but I knew he’d spent way more on me than I’d spent on him.  I silently swore to make it up to him later—just to make sure he didn’t get shortchanged.We inaugurated the iPad by Skyping with my family.  My nerves were tingling throughout: after all, I was introducing my gay lover for the first time.  Chad seemed even more nervous than I was.  I kept telling myself there was no reason to be scared, but this was easier said than done.To be honest, I don’t remember most of what we talked about.  I was just trying to gauge what everyone was thinking.  My parents mostly seemed like their usual selves, but they kept asking Chad questions.  I was pretty sure they’d already checked out his social media.  I also knew they’d talk about him afterward, and they’d probably only tell me the tip of the iceberg.I do remember my mom saying how much she missed me, and Amy chimed in to say that all our friends said hi.“What do you mean, ‘all our friends?’” I asked.“Well, you know the usual gang: Rosie and Kevin and Johan...”I must’ve flinched at the sound of Johan’s name.  Amy suddenly went silent, though the others hardly seemed to notice.  My dad started jabbering on about his work, while my mom tried to get him to shut up, which was pretty much their usual banter.When the call finally ended, Chad took a deep breath, and he offered to get me a coffee.  As soon as he got up, my phone buzzed with a text.Sure enough, it was Amy.  I knew it! she wrote.  You and Johan?  That explains why he was asking about you!I looked over at Chad, but he wasn’t paying attention.  Then I texted back: Johan’s being weird about that.  It was a while ago.  And it wasn’t anything special: just a hookup, that’s it.Amy just took a second to respond.  Was that before you met Chad?No, I wrote, but it was before we started dating.That’s cool, she said.  Nothing wrong with that.Don’t say anything, okay?  I don’t need this getting out.OK fine, she wrote.  But you know who does need to know?  Your boyfriend.I sighed and took a deep breath.  Chad was still over by the table, stirring my coffee, totally oblivious.  I told him months ago, I said.  Besides, that’s between him and me.  It’s none of your business.Chad came back over.  “What’s wrong?” he asked.I just shook my head.  “Nothing,” I said as he handed me my coffee.  “Thanks, baby.”“Merry Christmas,” he said.We spent the rest of that day quietly flirting.  I don’t think his mom picked up on it, or at least I hoped she didn’t.  But the truth was, both Chad and I were itching to get out out of the house—just him and me—so that we could go have some fun.  After all, now that Chad was embracing his sexuality, I wanted to make sure his needs got taken care of.As it turned out, though, it wasn’t till the next day that we got to check out Hillcrest.  We took an Uber down there, and we walked around a little, just taking in the sights.We found a place called Thaxter’s, which advertised all-nude boys, so we couldn’t resist going inside.  It was a classic strip joint, with a long stage that was basically a runway; a bunch of customers were clustered around it, some more drunk than others.  At that particular moment, there was no dancer onstage, so a few guys were making trips to the bar near the back.Chad was definitely out of his depth.  He practically tiptoed around, like he wasn’t supposed to be there.  I couldn’t really blame him, considering how nervous I’d been my first time in a gay bar.  Now, of course, I was the pro who was showing him the ropes.The bartender was an older guy, basically a silver fox, with a handsome face and some distinguished-looking wrinkles.  “So what’ll it be?” he asked.I was hardly impressed by his tap list.  Unlike the other bars we’d visited, this one only seemed to have Bud Light and Miller.  “What do you have on bottles?” I asked.“I can do Corona in a bottle,” he said.Wrong answer, I thought.  I did want a beer, but I just couldn’t bring myself to order one of those.  “I’ll have a Mudslide,” I said.The bartender turned to Chad.  “You?”“Jack and Coke.”“Coming right up,” the bartender said, and he started making our drinks.I opened Grindr while we waited.  The results were just as awesome as I expected.  They listed dozens of guys within a few hundred feet.  “Check that out,” Chad said.  He pointed to a flyer, which read: HOTTEST SEX PARTY IN TOWN!!!  If you’re a swinger, curious, or just want to watch...“That’d be cool,” I said, “except it’s after we fly back.”He lowered his voice to a whisper.  “We can always throw a party of our own,” he said.  “Maybe with the Kap Eps?”I had to admit I liked that idea.  After all, we’d pretty much all seen each other get off.  Considering how many of us were gay, I figured we’d get at least a few takers.  But that would need to be at least a few weeks out.The bartender handed us our drinks, and I slid him his money.  Then Chad and I turned to the crowd, and we started scoping out our options.The first guy we hit on was a big muscle guy.  He seemed to be right up our alleys, but before we got very far, his boyfriend showed up.  The boyfriend shot us a dirty look, wrapped his arm around the guy, and led him away.The next guy was a bear who took a liking to Chad.  He made a point of saying he was single, so he did seem like a promising prospect.  Then he told us how badly he wanted to whip us; he invited us home to his dungeon, and he bragged about all the slings and cages he had there.  That wasn’t exactly what we were after, so we passed.It went on like that for a while, till I went back to Grindr.  Eventually I refreshed my grid, and I saw a guy appear at the top.  I tapped on his profile, and I saw he was listed as zero feet away.I looked up and saw the guy sitting at the bar.  At first he seemed too good to be true.  He was alone, on his phone, yet he was awfully good-looking.  I was surprised he wasn’t already snapped up.Suddenly the guy looked up.  He seemed confused at first, but then our eyes met.  “Hey man,” I said.  “Are you Madison?”“Yeah,” he said.  “So I’m guessing you’re RJ630?”“That’s me,” I said.Chad cleared his throat.  He clearly wanted in on the action.“This is my boyfriend,” I said.  “Madison, meet—”“Charles,” Chad said, and he shook Madison’s hand.“R.J. and Charles, huh?  Nice to meet you.”  Madison licked his lips, then pointed at my phone.  “You looking for a third wheel?”I shrugged.  “We’re just seeing what’s out there,” I said.  “How about you?”“Did you read my profile?”“Oh yeah—”“I gotta be honest, I didn’t read yours.  That picture got me distracted.”  He nodded at Chad.  “You must be one lucky guy.”“That’s one way of putting it,” Chad said.“I bet when you guys fuck, it’s incredible.”Chad shrugged.  “Maybe you’ll have to watch us and find out.”Woah, I thought.  Chad had gone from being totally new at this to flirting
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like a pro in just a few minutes.  Of course, I knew he might just be hiding his anxiety, but still...“I just might need to do that,” Madison said.  “Is that an invitation?”“It depends on what you’re bringing to the table,” Chad said.  “We don’t just fuck around with anyone.”“That’s my boy,” Madison said.The bartender stepped up to us, and he tapped his watch.  “Time check,” he said to Madison.  “Don’t you need to get going?”Madison rolled his eyes.  “Aw hell,” he said, “just when this was starting to get good.”“I’m just saying,” the bartender said, “you can always come back later.  You just can’t be late.”“Yeah yeah, point taken,” Madison said, and he shotgunned his drink.  “Listen, if you guys want to meet up later, I’m staying at the Alonzo.”Chad and I looked at each other, but we didn’t say a word.“Come by anytime after eleven,” he said.  “Apartment 269... which is easy to remember.”Chad didn’t seem to bat an eye.  “That’s cool,” he said.“Awesome.”  With that, Madison got up and disappeared into the crowd.I didn’t know what to make of that, and I don’t think Chad did either.  But the bartender didn’t seem the slightest bit fazed.“Sorry, boys,” he said.  “I didn’t mean to get in the way of your little love scene.  But I know how Madison can get.”I was about to ask what he meant by that, but before I could, he held out his hand.“My name’s Thaxter, by the way.”I frowned.  “Thaxter... like the bar?”“The one and only,” he said.  “I know: with a name like that, my parents never gave me a chance.”I shook his hand.  “I’m Scott.”“I thought you said you were R.J.”“U-uh, I mean—”“It’s fine,” he said, and he looked over at Chad.  “I’m guessing your name isn’t Charles either, but in my bar, you can be whoever you want to be.  Whatever that entails.”I was about to answer, but then a stripper came prancing onstage.  He was a blond twink, dressed up like an angel.  Actually, the only thing he was wearing was a see-through tunic, plus a halo on his head and wings on his shoulders.  A cloud of fog was billowing around him.  I could see his dick right through the fabric—it was soft and totally hairless—and it went flopping around as he started his dance.“Damn,” was all I could say.A bunch of catcalls rang out.  The twink didn’t seem to mind; if anything, he had fun with it.  He wagged his finger at the offenders, playfully admonishing them, and he kept right on dancing.  A few guys tried to grope him, but he avoided the edge of the stage so that no one could reach him.I looked down at Chad’s crotch.  His boner was clearly standing at attention.  Chad fidgeted a little and adjusted his pants.“I’m guessing you like what you’re seeing?” I asked.“Mm-hm,” he said.  “I had no idea what I was missing all those years.  I mean, I kind of did, but not really...”“Wait,” Thaxter said.  “Am I hearing this is your first time in a gay bar?”“Y-yeah, I mean not for Scott, but for me...”“Then welcome to the club, literally!” he said.  “Did you just come out?”“I-I... well, I guess you could say that...”“Well, congratulations!  Your next round’s on me.”“Uh, okay.”  Chad shrugged and smiled.  “Thanks.”The stripper, meanwhile, was still going at it.  He ripped off his tunic so that he was fully naked.  He whipped the cloth around his head, taking care not to get it caught in his wings.  Then he did a sort of sensual striptease, running the fabric across his body.  Eventually he tossed the tunic aside, so the only thing still cloaking him was the fog.The stripper made his way to the end of the runway, and he caressed his bare body.  His cock, incredibly enough, was still soft.  The people around him kept hooting and hollering.  Then the boy turned his back and shook his pale white booty at us; I felt my mouth water as I imagined how it would feel to dive in.Finally the music swelled to a climax, the naked twink struck a pose, and the lights went out.  The crowd erupted in cheers and sent dollar bills flying through the air.  It took a while before the noise died down.“Keep watching,” Thaxter said.  “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.”“What do you mean?” I asked.“Just wait.”I sipped my drink and kept my eyes on the stage.  It took a minute or two for the fog to disperse.  Then the lights went up again, and a new song started to play.A black airline pilot stepped out from behind a curtain.  Then two male flight attendants joined him, and I immediately realized who they were.  One was the dude we’d just talked to, and the other looked like his twin, though I couldn’t tell which was which.“Wait,” Chad said.  “Are you telling me... I mean, that Madison guy—”“I’ll put it this way,” Thaxter said.  “Those two sure get butts in the seats, and they put on a helluva show.”I nodded in agreement.  The twins did look unusually hot.  They were well-polished, without a hair out of place.  They wore identical red blazers, with corresponding vests underneath, and their dance moves matched each other step-for-step.  I felt like I was watching their performance in stereo.The twins rolled a cart down the stage, and they served drinks to guys in the audience.  Apparently the flight attendants were supposed to be hitting on the pilot, so the twins kept circling around the black guy, trying to get his attention.When the music launched into a chorus, the twins whipped open their blazers.  They gyrated their hips, then pulled off the blazers and twirled them around.  Then they plopped the black guy into a chair, peeled off his jacket, and took turns giving him lap dances.  One of them whipped off the man’s necktie and started using it as a whip.Eventually the twins’ vests came off, and they started unbuttoning the shirts underneath.  I was ready to see some real skin, but of course, those guys teased us as long as they could.  They kept messing with the black guy, and they alternated between taking off his clothes and taking off their own.  I was thrilled when their shirts were open wide enough to show off their chest hair.Chad kept squirming in his seat.  His dick was clearly straining to get out of its restraints.  I was tempted to take him to the bathroom, or maybe the back alley, and fool around with him there.  But I forced myself to behave.After what seemed like a long time, the twins’ shirts finally came off.  They undid their flies, and they pulled their pants down just a few inches: just far enough to reveal the thongs underneath.I suddenly realized I was touching myself.  I looked down at my crotch, and I could see a spot of pre-cum leaking through my pants.Chad must’ve noticed, because he glanced down, then whispered into my ears: “When did he say he could meet us?”I could feel my heart pounding with anticipation.  “Sometime after eleven.”Chad looked at his watch.  He didn’t say a word, but he didn’t really need to.By now the twins had taken off their pants, and the black guy was down to a g-string.  The twins were obviously hard, and they only seemed to be getting harder.  They were grinding their butts against the black guy; then they both undid a clasp, and their thongs popped off.Both of the twins’ packages were as gorgeous as I’d hoped.  Their penises were sticking straight out, with their low-hanging balls swinging back and forth beneath them.  The twins bent all the way down, so their asses were up in the air, and they stuck them in the black guy’s face.Finally the black guy yanked off his g-string, and he jumped up from his chair.  Apparently the flight attendants had gotten their wish and had seduced their pilot.  Now that they were all naked, their dance became a blur of light and dark skin, from chests to backs to cocks to butts to anything else you could ask for.My heart was pounding, and I could sense the hormones in my veins.  I was so fucking horny, I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold out.  I looked over at Chad, and I could tell he was breathing hard too, though he was trying to hide it.Finally the black guy jumped into the twins’ arms.  The music went crazy, and so did the crowd, as the set reached its big finish.  The dancers took in the applause, till finally the lights went down.“Woah,” seemed to be all Chad could say.After that, we took up Thaxter on his offer of free drinks.  Secretly, though, we were watching the clock the whole time.  We Googled the Alonzo, and we found it was just a few blocks away.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Chad was definitely interested, and I wasn’t about to get in his way.  So as soon as eleven o’clock rolled around, we made our way over.We got buzzed in at the front door, then headed upstairs to Apartment 269.  When we knocked on the door, it cracked open, and we saw a familiar face.“Hi, boys,” he said.  “You must be the guys Madison invited.”Wait a minute, I thought.  This is his twin?“I’m Mason,” he said, and he held out his hand.I shook his hand, but I couldn’t help feeling weird.  Apparently it wasn’t enough that these guys looked alike; they had to have names that were almost identical.  I wasn’t sure I could even tell them apart, but I tried to act cool about it.  “I’m R.J.,” I said, “and this is Charles.”“Come in,” Mason said, and he opened the door all the way.The other guy, apparently Madison, got up from the couch.  “Hey guys,” he said.  “I was hoping you’d come.”“Why wouldn’t we?” I asked.“You never know,” he said.  “There are a lot of flakes out there.”I looked around.  The apartment was just a little studio, about the same size as my student apartment.  “So is this a normal thing for you?” I asked.  “Picking up guys at the bar?”“Only guys we like,” Madison said.  “We’re not like those guys who work as escorts or whatever.  The people who go for that stuff usually aren’t the best.  At least for us—no offense if you’re into that.”I shook my head.  I’d never even thought of hiring an escort; I’d heard about it, of course, but that was pretty much it.“Anyway, where’d we leave off?” Madison asked.  He put his arms around Chad.  “I think you were asking what we could offer you.  Do you still need me to answer that?”Chad looked at Mason, then looked back at Madison.  Then he turned to me, as if he wanted me to say something.“Do you guys like to watch?” Mason asked.“Watch what?” Chad asked.  “Are you saying—”“Well, we like to fuck just like everybody else.  And you might’ve noticed from our set... we like having an audience.”Chad stepped out of Madison’s arms.  “For fucking each other?” he asked.  “I-I mean, if you guys are brothers—”“So what if we are?” Mason asked.  “A lot of people have fooled around with their brothers.  We’re just ballsy enough to admit it.”“I would never fool around with my brother,” Chad said.  “That’s gross.”“Is your brother your twin?”“Well no—”“Then it’s not the same thing,” Mason said.  “Besides, do you think I’m hot?”“I-I mean yeah, of course—”He looked over at Madison.  “Then you must think he’s hot too, considering we look exactly the same.”“W-well yeah...”“So just think of us as two hot guys,” Mason said.  “For me, it’s like having sex with myself.  Haven’t you ever fantasized about that?”I didn’t say a word.  Now that I thought about it, that idea had crossed my mind years before, though I’d done my best to suppress it.  It was back when I’d first started jacking off: the sensation was so new and exciting that I was dying to take it to the next level.  I wanted to lose my virginity so bad, but at that age, it was easier said than done.  If there were two of me, I thought, I could take care of everything myself.  I was surprised to hear other guys had had the same idea.“It’s still weird,” Chad was saying.“Well,” Mason said, “nobody is asking you to fuck your brother.  I just want you to watch me fuck mine.”  He put his arms around Madison, then leaned in and kissed him.I wanted to be revolted, but I had to admit, the sight was really fucking sexy.  Mason was right: they were both hot guys, and I couldn’t deny I loved the sight of hot guys going at it.  This kiss of theirs wasn’t just a peck on the lips; it was intimate and erotic, like what you’d expect from longtime lovers who were still crazy for each other.Chad tried to hide his boner, but I wasn’t fooled.  Like me, he couldn’t seem to look away.The twins broke off their kiss, and they both turned to us.  “Okay,” Mason said, “now it’s your turn.”Chad and I looked at each other.  I wasn’t exactly opposed to kissing him, but I was still nervous.  I wasn’t sure where this was going to lead.Chad hesitated too, but then he moved in toward me.  The next thing I knew, his lips were pressing against mine, and as usual, our surroundings seemed to disappear.  I felt his beard against my skin, and I tasted his tongue in my mouth.  I was already horned up from watching the strip show, but this seemed to bring me to a whole new level.  Eventually I stopped trying to resist, and I just went along with it.“Oh fuck yeah,” Mason said as he stuck his hand down Madison’s pants.“Take your shirts off,” Madison said.Chad slid his hands across my abs.  Then he broke off our kiss, and he pulled my shirt over my head.  I put my arms around him, grabbed his hem, and pulled his shirt off too.  Then we went back to our makeout session.Mason undid Madison’s pants button, and he opened his zipper.  Then he pulled out Madison’s cock.  Madison threw his head back and let out a sigh.  Mason stroked him for a minute, then lowered him onto the bed.Chad sat down on the couch, which was directly across from the bed, and I sat down beside him.  Then he took my hand and held it tight.Madison took off his shirt.  Mason pulled down Madison’s pants, then took his dick in his mouth and started sucking away.  Madison closed his eyes and put his hands on Mason’s head.Chad and I didn’t say a word.  I pressed my body against his, and he wrapped his fingers around mine.  I was tempted to do more, but we were both transfixed by the sight in front of us.Madison grabbed Mason’s sleeves, and he pulled his shirt over his head.  “Let’s get this off of you,” he said.Mason got up, dropped his pants, and got back on the bed.  Now both guys were naked.  Their bodies looked even better up close than onstage.  It still felt like we were seeing double.Madison sat up and started sucking Mason.  As he did, he played with his own cock; but he only did it tentatively, like he was teasing himself.  Mason let out a few gasps, then started grinding his hips.I reached down to Chad’s cock, and I was about to start playing with it, but then Mason shook his head.  “No,” he said between thrusts.  “Just get comfortable.”I followed his orders, and I leaned back on the couch.  Chad followed suit, and we just held each other while we watched.Madison, ever the showman, shifted his body to give us a better view.  He kept blowing Mason for a while, then popped his dick out of his mouth.  “I need this inside me,” Madison whispered.Mason reached for a drawer, which apparently was where they kept their lube.  He greased up his cock, then put a few dabs on Madison’s hole.  Then he kneeled between Madison’s legs, and he gradually slid inside him.“Oh yeah,” Madison gasped.  “Give it to me.”Mason complied and started pounding away.  He threw back his shoulders so that his chest jutted out in front of him.  All his muscles were flexing and contracting, all in perfect synchronization.Madison’s body was flailing underneath.  He was moaning with pleasure, and he was working his ass around Mason’s cock, while always begging him for more.  Both twins were staring into each others’ eyes, both with the same lusty expression.By now, I was almost ready to cum in my pants.  I could tell Chad was leaking lots of pre-cum himself.“Are you close?” Madison asked.  At first I thought this was directed at us, but then I realized he was asking Mason.“Yeah,” Mason said.“Then fucking cum,” Madison said.  “Fill me up.”Mason gave him a few more thrusts, but then his balls contracted, and his body went rigid.  Madison yelped as he took his brother’s load.“Holy shit,” Chad said.Mason stopped pumping, then pulled his cock out of Madison.  It was lathered in cum, and a few gobs dripped on the sheets.  “Now it’s your turn,” he said, and he got down on all fours.Madison got up, applied some more lube, and positioned himself behind Mason’s butt.  Then he shoved his way in, and he started fucking him doggy-style.“Oh yeah,” Mason said.  “You feel so good in me...”“Fucking take it,” Madison said.They went at it a little bit longer, but then Madison got close.  He yanked his dick out, then gave himself a quick jerk.“Oh yeah!” he yelled as his body convulsed, and he shot on Mason’s hole.  His cum splattered all over Mason’s crack, and it started dripping down his taint.Mason waited till Madison was finished.  Then he plopped down on his side, and he smiled at us.  “Did you like that?” he asked.I was pretty much speechless.  I’d never seen anything like that before.“W-well yeah,” Chad said.  The stiffness in his jeans said all we needed to know.“Why don’t you take those pants off and join us?”I didn’t need to be told twice.  If anything, I was scared of cumming too soon, so I opened my fly as wide as it would go, and I made sure not to touch my cock as I threw my pants down.  Then I stepped over to the bed, and Chad wasn’t far behind me.Madison took me in his arms.  “So that’s what your cock looks like,” he said.  “I was wondering.”“Does it live up to what you were hoping for?” I asked.“So far so good,” he said, “but the only way to be sure is to take it for a spin.”I looked over at Chad, who was leaking even more pre-cum than ever.  He didn’t answer; he ran his hands down Mason’s chest, then followed his treasure trail and wrapped his fingers around the man’s still-wet cock.Mason wrapped his hands around Chad’s neck, and before I had a chance to object, he pulled him in for a kiss.  As he did, Madison started playing with my dick; he started with a few gentle touches, but then he started caressing me, and then he full-on went down on me.So there I was, getting blown by one guy and watching my boyfriend make out with another.  Somehow it seemed like the most normal thing in the world, and I didn’t want it to stop.Eventually Chad broke off the kiss, and he nibbled on one of Mason’s nipples.  Then he made his way further down, and he ran his tongue along the guy’s bellybutton.  He stroked Mason’s cock with one hand, and he stroked his own with the other.I expected Chad to start sucking Mason’s dick, but then he threw me for a loop.  He leaned over to me and Madison, and he started sucking Madison’s instead.  Mason didn’t seem to complain; he just leaned down and started sucking Chad.By now we were all lying on the bed, with our bodies more or less in a circle.  I was the only one without a cock in my mouth, and Mason was the only one not getting sucked, so I knew I had to remedy that.I reached over and had my way with Mason’s rod.  It still tasted of cum, at least till I lapped it all up.  I reached back to Mason’s ass, and I found it was still slick with lube.  I slid a few fingers in his hole, and I felt his body respond.“Mm,” Mason said, though he couldn’t say much with Chad in his mouth.  But Mason followed my lead and started playing with Chad’s hole.  I knew Chad would love that, and sure enough, he let out a few moans of his own.As I explored Mason’s crack with my hand, I realized not everything down there was lube.  His taint was still wet from Madison’s load.  I scooped up as much as I could, then brought it to my mouth.  It was exactly like the cum I’d tasted a moment before—not that that was a surprise.Chad suddenly shifted his body.  “Oh fuck!” he said as he yanked his dick out of Mason’s mouth.  I saw a little spurt come out of him, but he forced himself not to cum all the way.  That was my boy: I knew he could edge with the best of them.I felt my own orgasm coming on, so I followed Chad’s lead, and I made Madison take his mouth off of me.  A few of my muscles started to contract, and I did feel a wave of pleasure, but I stopped myself before I went too far.“Woah,” I said as our oral train came apart.  My heart was beating, but I knew we had to pause if we wanted to keep the party going.  I just laid back on the bed and tried to catch my breath.“You guys are awesome at this,” Mason said.I snorted.  “Right back at ya,” I said.“What are you doing next week?”“We’re here on vacation,” I said.  “We leave on Wednesday.”“Seriously?  Shit.”You’re telling me, I thought.  I loved the idea of this being a regular thing, but I knew it wasn’t in the cards.“Anyway,” Madison said, “how do you guys want to finish?  I’m guessing after all that anticipation, you’re going to cum fucking buckets...”“Probably,” Chad said, and then he turned to Mason.  “I want to fuck your ass.”“Oh hell yeah,” Mason said.Madison looked at me.  “Do you want to fuck mine?” he asked.“I will if you want to...”He seemed to sense where I was going.  “But?”“Well...”  I looked at his cock, which I hadn’t played with at all.  “I kind of want to ride that.”Madison grinned.  “You’re my kind of guy.”“Hey,” Chad said half-jokingly, “watch it.”“Well, you can get more of this whenever you want,” Madison said.  “I’ve got to get some while I can.  Especially if you’re both leaving town.”  Then he gave Chad a kiss, though he lingered a bit longer than I would’ve liked.We reached for the twins’ supplies, and we wasted no time getting ready.  I rolled a condom onto Madison’s cock—which was still wet from Chad’s blowjob—and then I lubed up my hole.  Finally I straddled Madison’s body, and I lowered myself onto his rod.  I felt his dick go further and further up my chute, till finally my butt cheeks rested on his pubes.I looked over at Mason, who was back on all fours—apparently his position of choice—and I watched Chad slowly impaling his ass.  “Oh God,” Mason gasped.Chad got all the way in, then started his thrusts.  It only took a few seconds for both him and me to get into a rhythm.  As we did, we leaned in toward each other, and we started making out.  It was kind of a weird feeling at first, considering each of us was having sex with someone else, but we got used to it real fast.  I still couldn’t get over the feeling of Chad’s beard against my lips.  I could hear him breathing harder and harder, and I savored the smell of his skin.Madison thrust up into me, and I let out a gasp, but it felt so good that I didn’t want him to stop.  I tried to position my body so that he would hit my prostate.  Then he suddenly hit the spot; I closed my eyes, and I felt my mouth drop open.“Oh fuck yeah,” Chad was saying as he pounded Mason into submission.  “Aw shit!”  Then his muscles and tendons all went taut, and I knew he was filling his condom.“Fuuuck,” I said as Madison hit my prostate again, and I just couldn’t hold back anymore.  I put my hand on my cock, and a split second later, a huge fucking load came gushing out of me.  Rope after rope covered Madison’s chest.  I thought I’d stop cumming after a second or two, but my balls were so full that they kept on delivering.“Yeah, baby,” Chad said as he came down from his high.I let out a deep sigh, and I sat down on Madison’s dick, while I felt the last of my load dribble out of me.  “Holy fucking shit,” I said.  “That was incredible...”“Looks like your man liked it too,” Mason said.Chad pulled his dick from Mason’s ass.  “Yes I did,” he said.  I looked over and saw his rubber full of jizz.I got off of Madison’s cock, and I laid down on the bed.  Chad and Madison threw away their condoms, then got down beside me.  Chad laid right next to me, and I relished the warmth of his body against mine.  The twins snuggled up to us on either side.  I felt really fucking good, but I was still dazed at what we’d just done.  And I could only imagine what might come next. To be continued...

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