This Whore Blonde Is Raised To The Ceiling And Fucked Hard

This Whore Blonde Is Raised To The Ceiling And Fucked Hard

The ship was anchored at Maui. I had spent all morning being questioned by the authorities and signing statements, hoping all the incidents of yesterday would just become a bad memory.During the questioning, I had avoided giving the sordid details of how the conflict actually started, saving Ann and Linda much embarrassment. They told me that my statement, and the statements of the other witnesses was sufficient evidence and I would not have to appear in court. The charges against Linda's husband Dave were aggravated assault, and assault to commit bodily harm with the use of a deadly weapon. I was not sure if the court would agree that an empty wine bottle was a deadly weapon, but my head was testimony that it could be.The girls had dressed for our shore excursion on to Maui. We were all wearing shorts and t-shirts with hats and sunglasses. Ann's shirt read, Cute and I know it. Linda was wearing a shirt bearing the ship's logo she'd bought at the boutique. In fact, she had purchased several things to replace the clothing Dave had thrown off the ship in his fit of rage yesterday. As we waited to board one of the three shuttle boats, we made polite conservation with the other passengers, mostly senior citizens. When I had booked an adult only cruise, I had no idea that translated into retirement cruise. During the first day of our orientation meeting the captain explained how the ship would not be able to dock in Maui due to the shallow seas, and they would have to transport passengers back and forth on a shuttle boat. I remember leaving the air conditioned vessel and boarding the shuttle. The drastic change in temperature had made us all wince. According to my iPhone, it was ninety six degrees with eighty-five percent humidity.The enclosed shuttle was cramped and uncomfortable, but as the boat picked up speed, the air flow increased and the ocean breeze gave us some welcome relief."Mike, what is your plan?" Ann shouted over the drone of the engine."I thought we could rent a Jeep and explore the island by ourselves, instead of the standard tour bus," I replied, with an equally loud voice."Sounds great," Ann and Linda both agreed. The ride to the dock was bumpy. I was concerned there would be many seasick passengers if it continued to rock and sway much longer. The ocean spray came from the side windows as the ship plowed through the rough sea. When I looked through the front wind screen, I could see that we were finally approaching the dock. The crew had scrambled to tie up the vessel and help the passengers off.We waited our turn to disembark the shuttle boat but once we did, there was another line for a shuttle bus. Through a unanimous decision, we decided to take the public bus to K-Mart, so we could get necessities and personal items. This K-Mart was different than the ones on the mainland. It had many rows of Hawaiian memorabilia made by local artisans. I was looking at the men's shirts while the girls went off to shop on their own. When we met up after shopping, we laughed because we all had purchased flowered Hawaiian shirts. We caught another bus in front of the store. I noticed these buses looked like older converted school buses and the knee space between seats was not designed for adults. Upon arriving at our destination at Dollar Rental, we waited in yet another line. At least the building was air conditioned; that gave us some temporary relief from the sweltering heat. The girls sat on some chairs by the door and fanned themselves with some maps, while I waited in line. Even though Ann and Linda were hot and sweaty, I noticed that they were still able to capture most all the male attention in the room, followed by a domino effect of glaring wives and girlfriends. The salesman read the contract in detail trying to sell me additional insurance, which I refused. This document contained more small print than a real estate contract. Regardless, I picked up the keys, and we walked out of the protection of the building and down the aisles of cars in search of our rental vehicle. Waves of heat came off the asphalt and it felt as though we were in a concrete desert of scorching heat. We were having trouble finding our rental car in the location the sales man had marked on the parking map. The girls were getting frustrated, so I clicked the panic button on the key and that triggered the car horn. We turned in the direction of that beeping sound and found the white jeep Wrangler. "That's ours," I pointed. "Oh Lord, I hope it has air conditioning," Linda gasped, fanning herself with the map.We squeezed into the oven (called a car) and I started it up, revving the engine before turning on the AC. It definitely sounded like a Jeep, loud and rattling. The black canvas sides seemed to be acting as heat collectors, and the air conditioning was taking its sweet time cooling the interior down. Linda sat in the back seat and was baking. I saw in the rear view mirror that she was unclasping her bra and taking it off, probably because the temperature was causing her much discomfort. Ann saw what she was doing and followed suit. Linda caught me staring at her in the mirror and lifted her top, shaking her big tits at me and smiling. I whistled at her. Ann glared at me.She exclaimed, "It's too hot for that!"After examining the map and following the exit signs, we were soon motoring down the highway on Maui and taking in the breathless beauty of the cliffs and seascapes. The cliffs reminded me of the Big Sur in California, with their sheer faces and statuesque Cypress. trees growing down to the water’s edge. The further we got away from the city, the less traffic and more scenery we saw. At times the twisting road took us almost to the shore, but then turned us inland. It was obvious that they built these highways fit with the natural landscape. Our plan was to drive all around the whole island, but we ran out of paved road. The asphalted highway ended and we found ourselves on a narrowing gravel road. "Damn, I should have paid closer attention to the map. I'm not sure where we are."I stopped the Jeep on the side of the road, got out, and placed the map on the hood. It was difficult to read the map while driving a stick shift. It appeared we were way off the beaten path.“Alright, who's in for an adventure?" I asked the ladies."I'm game," said Linda."Me too," Ann added.***After shifting into four wheel drive, we started down the unpaved road. There was a drop off on the left that was looking more like a cliff with no guard rail. The gravel road was getting narrower by the second and eventually turned into one lane. We seemed to be dodging rocks every few yards. To make things worse, I could see a truck ahead coming our way, and I was not sure what to do. We were face to face with a big stake bed truck filled with pineapples. I shifted into the lowest gear, and pulled up on the side of the hill allowing him to pass. It felt like we were close to tipping over. The truck slipped by, narrowly missing us by inches.After several minutes we approached a little village. I thought this must be one of those small towns where the native Hawaiians lived. The brochure showed many of these villages, but I wasn't sure which one this was because there were no signs."Mike, we need to stop and get something to eat and drink and I really have to pee," Ann suggested. “Alright, I’m on it.” This place didn't seem to have a restaurant. The buildings were mostly dilapidated and in serious need of repair. However, I did notice what appeared to be a small market with several open air stands. We approached the store, and I slowed down so we could look around. I noticed there were some shirtless young men playing guitars and singing outside."Come on girls, let's get out and stretch our legs," I suggested, as I parked the Jeep by some of the vegetable stands. I got out first and pulled my seat forward, allowing Linda to crawl out of the cramped back."I’m riding shot gun on the way back!" she exclaimed, stretching her arms over her head.This place was different than the commercial part of the island and we definitely felt like tourists as we walked around. As we had passed by the group of young men that I noticed earlier, they didn't even try to hide the fact that they were staring at Linda and Ann. They both seemed to be enjoying the attention. I glanced over at the girls and remembered they had removed their bras. Linda's nipples stuck out like pencil erasers through her shirt and the sweat made the cloth cling to her skin."Are you lost? We don't get many haoles around here brah," a hard bodied young man asked me. He didn't have a shirt on, and was extremely fit with rock hard abs. I could only imagine how the ladies were drooling over him."We thought we would see the island away from the regular tourist route," I explained. Then, looking at the girls, I said, "I'll be right back, I'm going to see if I can buy us something cold to drink. Just stay by the car and wait for me."I left Linda and Ann behind, and walked into a local store. It was pretty much what I expected, with open table trays of fruits and vegetables, some of which I did not recognize. The ceiling fans were stirring around the hot air but not doing much to keep the flies away from the fruit. Against the far wall, there were three old glass cased coolers, working hard to keep the contents cold.I made my way across the sawdust floor and peered in each cooler. I pulled out three cokes and three ice cream bars before taking them to the register. The clerk was a heavy Hawaiian woman in a muumuu."We don't get many tourists out here," she stated as she gave me change."Do you have a restroom in this place?""The pot is out back," she answered. "Do I need a key?"The woman grinned at me and chuckled, "Got no door—"I heard laughter outside, as I exited the mart. Ann and Linda were sitting on the hood of the Jeep, giggling and flirting with the young Hawaiian men. They seemed to be serenading them with their guitars, and the girls were certainly enjoying the attention. I opened the bag full of items I just purchased and said, "Here are your drinks and ice cream. You better eat them before they melt." I handed over the cokes and bars, then I added, "The rest room is out back.”"Gotta go," Linda said, as she immediately headed out toward the back of the store. All the boys were staring at her firm round butt as she trotted away. "Mike, this is Joey and his friends, Luka, Akoni and Kai," Ann introduced them. I was sort of stunned as to how she was able to remember all their names. She is usually terrible at remembering names. Joey looked like he was in his late teens or early twenties. He was very muscular, wearing some worn out jean shorts. He had close cut dark hair and a square jaw. His friends were dressed almost identical to each other, except Kai, who was wearing a baseball cap and webbed sandals."You got some fine wahines here brah," Joey said, while grinning at Ann. "We have our own beach just down this road, and the waves are great. You should go.""Come on, Mike. Let's go see their beach!" Ann pleaded, as she jumped off the Jeep. She started down the path with all four guys, not waiting for my reply. Ann had clearly made my decision for me, much to my annoyance. But I chose to be agreeable and just let her have her way."I'll wait here for Linda."It wasn't long before Linda returned from the outhouse. "That place is so gross," Linda shuddered. Then she noticed that Ann was missing. “Where did Ann go?""Apparently we are all going to the beach." I sighed, and held out my hand.We walked hand in hand slowly down the dusty road, following the pack. The soil was almost red and very rocky. I wondered how those boys could walk barefooted without injuring the soles of their feet.It was amazing how Linda and I were so in tune with each other. In the short time that I had known her, we seemed to fit together hand and glove. As we walked, I thought of Ann and our relationship. It saddened me when I considered how much we both had changed. I could hardly recognize her anymore. This new sexual freedom had really changed her. "Look at the strangers we’ve become, my love…" was the last thought that plagued my mind before Linda stopped and pulled me out of my sea of melancholic memories. "Come here," she said yanking my arm and pulled me closer. Our bodies were pressed together tightly, and our lips suddenly met in a passionate kiss."I want you," Linda expressed in a low and sexy voice. "Me too, I can't get enough of you," I replied, running my hand down to her butt."What’s going to happen if I move in with you and Ann? I’m really falling for you, Mike. I think this is going to be very complicated, especially with my children. My husband will probably get visiting rights with the kids. I can't hide out forever.""Right now we have to worry about your safety," I said with concern, before we approach the shore.***It was a beautiful beach with a natural break water and reef that radiated a sense of solitude and serenity; absolutely breathtaking. The beach was lined with Cypress trees, and out beyond the reef there was a pristine wave break. I had also noticed several surfboards leaning against a downed tree trunk.Ann and the four boys were laughing and acting silly together. Obviously the guys were competing for her attention. She was in her glory, teasing and being twice as flirtatious."There you are! I thought you two got lost," Ann said, as greeted us with a smile. "Nice breaking wave." I looked over at Joey and asked, "Can we borrow a couple of your boards?""Sure brah,” Joey replied with a crooked smile, "As long as we can borrow your ole lady.""Come on, Linda. I’m going to teach you to surf." I walked towards the surfboards with Linda in tow."I don't have a suit, and I don't know how to surf," she replied, trying to avoid my insistence."You can just wear your t-shirt and shorts. When we’re finished you’ll dry off within minutes in this heat." I picked one of the boards that I thought would fit her; it was a bit wider with triple skegs. In California we call a board like this a fish.I took Linda to the water’s edge and put the board in. Then I instructed her to wade in the water, and lay face down on the board. After a second attempt, she finally made it on. Her shirt was almost transparent as it got soaked. She looked sexy by anyone’s standards."The first thing I need to teach you is how to paddle the board. Arch your back and paddle u
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sing one arm at a time," I instructed her. Then I pushed the board forward to give her momentum. Amazingly, she did quite well.Out of curiosity, I looked back on the shore to see what Ann was up to. She was sitting with Joey on the fallen tree, and he had his arm around her waist. The other boys were not in sight.Linda was getting bolder and wanted to try to catch a wave. The outside break was way too big for a beginner, but the reforming wave was just about right. We worked our way through the white water, and she was now in position to surf."When I tell you to, paddle like crazy, and once you feel the board drop, lean slightly to the inside to turn the board. Then put both hands on the edges, push up, and try to get on your knees. Do you understand?""I think so," Linda said, with a bit of uncertainty as a wave approached. "Go!" I told her, and gave her a push.Linda paddled with all her strength, just as I instructed, and she ended up catching the curl, propelling her forward. She got to her knees a few seconds before the wave closed out, sending her tumbling.I watched as she popped up out of the water, jubilantly bouncing up and down."I did it! I did it!" Linda screamed in delight.I couldn't take my eyes off her. Damn, she was beautiful. The wet t-shirt clung to her like a second skin, and her breasts were swaying with each movement. She was a stunning beauty. "You did great!" I pronounced, as I pulled her in for a hug against my chest."I want to do it again," she pleaded. There was nothing but enthusiasm in her voice.We made several more attempts, but were not able to duplicate the earlier success.Making our way back to shore, Linda looked to me and said, "Mike, we need to talk.""So talk," I slapped her ass and smirked at her. "This is serious. I have to tell you something that might throw a monkey wrench into your plans." "What could that be?" "Mike, we have only known each other for a few days. I know we both feel a special connection, but for me it’s so much more," Linda paused, and looked deep into my eyes "I think I love you…"Whoa! Okay, I was definitely not expecting this."I’m speechless, Linda. I feel a connection also, but it’s a little too early for I love yous. You are in a vulnerable state right now and can't trust your feelings. Your in an awful relationship and are longing for what you don't have.""What am I going to do?" she looked at me in distress. "This was not supposed to happen."I was not sure what answer to give to take her worries away. "It’s going to be okay."Once on shore, I saw that Ann and Joey had stepped things up a bit. The other boys weren't around, and I could only conclude that they had left to go surfing because the surf boards were gone. Joey was kissing my wife with his hand up her shirt, rubbing her tits. She had a handful of his crotch, and they didn't even notice us as Linda and I walked over to them."Ann? We’re going back to the car. Would you come over here please?" I asked.She got up and approached me so we can talk in private."Honey, I don't want to go yet. Can't we stay for a little while longer? Please?" she begged, with her puppy dog eyes."You know that he is younger than your own son, don't you?" I reminded her."Yes! And that's what makes him so hot!" She grinned, flashing a devilish smile. "Don't be so serious, It’s only sex.""You are such a slut!" I shook my head in disbelief. "I know, Mike! Just the way you made me,” she winked at me. “Would you be a doll and do me a favor?""What?" I asked, trying my best to hide my dissatisfaction. "Could you go back to the car and get something out of my purse for me? There’s a box of condoms in the side pocket I bought at K-Mart. Could you bring me one please and hurry?"I looked at her hesitantly, and then notice the other boys walking back with their boards, staring at her. Ann looked at them, and then faced me once more with a brilliant smile on her face."Oh, what the hell, bring the whole box!""You want me to go get rubbers, so a bunch of guys you just met can gang bang you?" I was not sure if I was more stunned or disgusted."Yes!” she giggled. “And make it quick!"I walked away, but left her with a few choice words. "You’re not a slut, Ann. You’re a fucking whore."She took it as a compliment and grinned at me, blowing a kiss. "I love you too! You’re the best!"Yeah, right! I couldn't help but scoff at her words in my mind. Love? What was love? What was her definition of love? Did it mean loving your significant other enough to let them screw whoever they want? Would it be selfish of me to deny her of that freedom? Did loving Ann selflessly mean that I should just sit back and let her fuck every guy that came along? Were there limits and boundaries in the game of love? That was all this had become… a game. Love wasn't a game, but we had turned it into one. My wife and I were masquerading around each other day in and day out. What the fuck had I gotten myself into? "Come on, Linda. Let's go back to the Jeep. We’ll dry off along the way." I took her hand, and steered us back on the dirt path."What's up with Ann? Has she ever done anything like this before?" she asked me."Never!” That came out sounding more shocked than I intended. "This is the first time she has done anything like this. We had experimented with a couple of threesomes, and that includes what she did with your husband Dave…" I broke off and let out an exasperated sigh. "This is all new territory for me."Linda and I arrived back at the car, and I couldn't help but feel a slight shift in the temperature, like it has gotten a bit cooler. Either that or we had just gotten use to the heat. I fished through Ann's purse, and sure enough, there was a box of rubbers."Linda, will you hang back here? I’ll be right back.""Yeah, I think I’ll down another drink while you’re gone."I kissed her cheek and made my way back towards my wife and the group of young horny studs, but I could see that they did not wait for me to return.Ann was on all fours, completely nude with Joey hammering her from behind. One of the other guys was stuffing her face with cock, and the other two are stroking their pricks, impatiently waiting their turn.I walked over to the action, and dropped the box of condoms on the ground. "You better use these."Ann grunted something, but it was incomprehensible because she couldn't talk with a cock in her mouth. Joey didn't look like he was going to stop and rubber up. In fact, he was pounding her so hard I could hear the slapping of skin from a distance as I walked away. I just sat on the fallen tree, watching this graphic display of these men destroying my wife's holes.Joey was holding her hips now and fucking her with purpose. His long hard prick was sliding in and out with his balls slamming against her ass. Ann was pushing back in rhythm, and her tits were swinging back and forth with each blow.“Thanks, brah!" Joey grinned as he looked directly at me. He then grabbed my wife by the hair, pulling her back like reigns on a horse. She looked like she was really enjoying that hard young cock.I’m not sure why I was sitting and watching. I guess I was just shocked, and curious to see this new side of Ann. A couple minutes later, Joey slowed down, stiffened up, and moaned, "Take my cum, bitch! Ooooh take it all, you fucking Haole slut!"When he pulled out, I could see the jizz dripping off his softening dick and cum pouring out of Ann's cunt. As soon as Joey moved out of the way, one of the other guys took his place. He slipped easily into her cum soaked pussy.Meanwhile, the guy that was fucking her mouth, shot stream after stream of cum into of her face and hair."Fuck her in the ass!" Joey commanded his replacement.I was looking at Ann to see if she wanted me to intervene, but she looked at me and said nothing. The young man positioned himself at her tight hole before pushing in."Ahhhhh!" Ann moaned when he slid his cum drenched cock deep in her ass. He immediately fucked her hard, slamming into her with speed. Slap, slap, slap, slap, his skin smacked against her ass. He didn't last long, as he too emptied his load deep up her ass.I was involuntarily getting aroused watching my wife gang fucked and felt disgusted I did. The fourth guy wearing the hat was jacking off above her, and sprayed his load over her back.Ann turned over and sat up in the sand, with one of the guys behind her, cupping her breasts. She gave me this look that she’d had enough.I walked over to them as I picked up my wife’s clothing. "That's it, boys. Fun is over!""It's not over till I say it's over," Joey replied with a threatening undertone. He stepped between me and Ann."You’ve all had your fun. We’re leaving now. Get out of my way," I said with authority."What you gonna do brah? There are four of us an’ one of you!" Joey challenged,"I am not your 'brah', and you have your math wrong.” I smiled at him sardonically. “There will only be three of you… once I knock your ass out!""It was fun, boys, but it's time we get going," Ann interjected nervously as she pulled away from the guy that was holding her. She walked around Joey, and took my hand, tugging me away from a potentially ugly brawl."Go ahead, run away with your bitch protecting you haole!" Joey screamed, as we made our way back to the Jeep."What's the matter with you, Mike? Do you have to get in a fight everywhere we go?""Excuse me? What's the matter with me!?” I look at her with shock and simmering rage. “I didn’t instigate anything! You’re the one who wanted to be the fucking whore and get gang banged on a public beach. What the fuck were you going to do if I wasn’t there and you wanted them to stop? Because I sure as hell wasn’t blind when you looked over at me, signaling that you had enough."“Why are you screaming? Don’t scream at me!”I guess that was her best defense.“My dear,” I said with sarcasm. “I was raising my voice because I’m certain— no, I’m willing to bet all our life savings on the fact that you would’ve been able to handle at least another hour of multiple men fucking and cumming all over you. That's what whores do." “How dare you speak to me in such a condescending way! You were the one that wanted me to explore my sexuality. Well, that's what I did and ... it was great! You don't seem to mind screwing Linda, do you? I told you we were going to have a fun cruise, and that meant pushing boundaries."Ann was quite the sight, still nude with sand on her back sticking to the cum on her body. She had semen on her face and hair, and even more trickling out her pussy and ass, running down her thighs.I stopped to try to brush the sand off her back, but only succeed in getting a hand full of cum. Fucking gross. "Here, put these on and make yourself decent," I handed her shirt to her.Moments later, the guys caught up to us, and each slapped Ann's ass while they walk past us. Joey stopped and gave her a big kiss on the lips, staring at me the whole time because he knew that would piss me off.Finally, my wife was fully dressed and we were back at the Jeep, where Linda was patiently waiting."Are you alright?" Linda asked, hoping to get more information."What do you care?" Ann replied with a bit of resentment. "Oh, you want to know what it’s like to get fucked by four horny young men? That my dear, you will have find out for yourself," she said with sarcasm.***The ride back was mostly quiet with some unspoken tension between Linda and Ann."It is impossible to brush this dried cum out of my hair," Ann huffed in anger and frustration.I tried to make small talk, but no one was contributing to the conversation. I had read the brochure about Maui, and in an effort to break the silence, I started to point out highlights along the way. "God, I sound like a tour guide," I thought. It was not long before I parked the jeep at the lot in front of the ship. The girls got out and headed up the ramp, while I checked the car back with Dollar Rental."This has been a very long day, a very strange day," I thought to myself, as I walked up the boarding ramp. The steward checked my ship pass, and handed me a cold towel before I made my way across the ramp. The blast of cool air felt like heaven when I entered the ship.The heat throughout the day had left me feeling exhausted, and I was in desperate need of a shower. Not to mention that I needed to get some decent food in my stomach. I was famished, and decided to take a detour on my way to the cabin to get something to eat. This would also give the girls enough time to clean up.The pizza place on the ship was open 24-7, so I went there for a snack. I gobbled down four slices of pepperoni and drank a cold beer. I took one more Bud Light back with me to the room.***"I’m back," I shouted over the sound of the running water as I entered the cabin. "We’ll be right out," Ann hollered back."We?" I thought to myself, and plopped down on the couch across from the bed, kicking off my sandals and sipping my beer.A couple minutes later, I heard the shower shut off. The girls emerged from the bathroom, walking together embracing and kissing each other, like they were in a sensual dance. They were both squeezing the other's butt cheeks. The sight of these two beautiful women and their luscious bodies intertwined was an instant turn on.Bumping into the bed, they collapsed on the mattress while maintaining their kiss. Ann moved down Linda's body and was kissing her breasts, swirling her tongue around one nipple while squeezing the other.I wondered how the tension between these two seemed to disappear so quickly. Wow, this had become my own personal peep show.I pulled off my shorts and was stroking Mr. Biggie. Meanwhile, the girls had rotated into a 69 and were slurping each other's wetness. Both their bodies were flawless, like major porn stars, with firm round butts, big natural breasts, long flowing hair, and exquisite faces.Linda was pushing her fingers into Ann's dripping wet pussy, finger fucking her, and Ann was returning the favor. What a sight it was to watch these two beauties rolling around, pleasuring each other.They finally broke away and were kneeling on the bed, facing me. "Fucking Hot!" I thought."Where’s the fucking camera when you need it?" I said out loud. "Come here big boy!" Linda gestured with her index finger for me to join in. I stood up with my erection pointing towards them, and walked to the bed thinking, "Life is good! Very, very good!"To be continued.

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