Porn movies with blacks What futures in brunette

Porn movies with blacks What futures in brunette

I walk swiftly into the airport and am greeted with a blast of warmth from the central heating. My dress swirls around my thighs, brushing softly against the tops of thigh high stockings, thick black cotton to protect against the cold. My dress is a soft blue, made of heavy material, with a sweetheart neckline and long sleeves. Underneath I am wearing a white corset, that holds my DD's high, just hiding my nipples in the crisp white lace, stretching down my stomach to connect to my thigh highs. My pussy is uncovered framed by the garter belt, just as you have requested. Of course I am wearing my collar, with a N locket on it. I'm bouncing with excitement, finally I'm going to meet you. I look at the doors, your flight should have landed and soon you'll be walking through those doors. The hotel is in the airport, just 5 min walk, and you only have a few hours before your flight out. Finally I see you! I run straight to your arms and you pick me up and swirl me around, I don't even care that I'm probably flashing people. As you set me down your lips find mine and I lose myself into the kiss. As we pull apart I grab your hand and pull you towards the hotel.  We walk in silence, I'm too nervous and excited to speak, if I did it would be high pitched and fast paced and more than likely not easily understood. You slip a hand under my dress to touch my bare butt. "Good Girl", you whisper into my ear, as we walk into the reception area. I notice that we are alone, with just one woman behind the tall reception desk, smiling warming, like they all do. I wonder what she thinks, or if she's so used to the different customers using this hotel that she barely notices. You walk us up to her, and start the check in process, as you run your fingers across my butt, teasing me, dragging them through the wetness on the tops of my thighs. I try to stand straight and not fidget, like a good girl, but it's so hard. At last you're done and the key is in your hand. Together hand in hand we start walking towards the elevators. In the elevator you pull out a blind fold from your bag and ask, "Do you trust me little girl?" I nod, unable to form words. The blindfold is settled over my eyes as the door dings to let us onto our floor. You lead me to the door, and let us in. The world is blackness to me but I follow you, sure you will never lead me to trouble. As the door closes, your arm leaves mine and I am left in the darkness, alone, though I can hear you moving around. I suddenly feel a pull on my collar and a weight settle, I think it must be a leash and when you tug on it I'm sure of it. I step forward each step confident as I know you'll never lead me wrong. You stop me and I think you must have tied my leash to something high as I can't lower my head or move my neck. Slowly you unzip me, kissing each inch that you unveil. The dress is slipped of my shoulders and pools at my feet. You suck in a breath at the corset, walking around to admire it. You unclip the thigh highs, rolling the stockings down each leg, slowly with kisses and nips and licks on each leg, from the arch of my feet to the curve of my calves to the junction between my thigh and body, the licks behind my knees send sparks through me. You walk behind me and unhook the corset, still with the same slow pace with kisses and nips, when it is finally undone you reach around to play with my breast, pinching and pulling the nipples, as you grind your groin into my butt. I feel the pressure on my neck change as you lead me towards the bed. I lay in the middle as you position me as you like, hand above my head, tied to the bed head, legs spread as wide a they can be, each ankle tied with a length of rope running under the mattress. You run your hands up and down my body pausing here and there to pull or pinch or stroke, I can't help but moan, causing you to chuckle. "I almost forgot, my little girl," you say as you leave to retrieve something from your bag. I feel a nudge at my lips and open them, hoping for a reward but instead I get a plastic ball, as you push the gag into my mouth and tighten it. I must have voices my displease as you say, "It's pretty and pink, little one, so be a good girl. You're going to need it." That thought make me shiver and you laugh. There is a quiet minute where you just stare at me before returning to teasing my spread out body. I feel you walk away from the bed, and the beep of the air conditioner, but instead of warm air, it is cold air that settles over my body making goose bumps appear. I hear the teeth of a zip undoing, I wonder if it is your pants, but the shifting of objects tells me it's not, but your bag instead. You set the object of the bedstand, fussing around with placement, as I lay shivering slightly under the air con. Your footsteps move towards me as I feel something running down my body, from shoulder to crotch. I try to place the feel, it's not your hand or a scarf, it's heavier and thicker, and as I'm trying to figure it out it slaps down on my thighs, and I'm sure it's a riding crop. You lightly cover my things and pussy with slaps, that vary from short and light to hard and sharp. I'm panting, with tear leaking from the blindfold as you run the leather tip through my pussy lips, teasing me, flicking my clit lightly. Once it's coated with my juices, you bring it down swiftly in my right nipple. I strain against the restraints as pain courses through me, you return to coat the crop again before brining it down on the left nipple. You keep this rhythm up till I'm so caught between pain and pleasure I can't think of anything but cumming. I try to beg, to scream, to plead, but it all comes out as a muffled blubber behind the gag. I can feel you smilin
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g at my wriggling, squirming body as I pull against the restraints and thrust around. You finally take pity on me, crawling between my legs to lick up the juices that have spilt, then moving to lick and nip and bite my pussy lips, before shoving your tongue into me, licking the walls and searching out every crevice. I scream behind the gag, pleasure crashing over me as you suck on my enlarged clit. You keep sucking till I fall limp, the pleasure turning to pain as you keep sucking and licking, enjoy my pussy as you like. You pin my thighs so I can't thrash away, and keep playing with me, forcing me into another orgasm that's more pain then pleasure. You laugh as you get up from between my legs, slapping my over sensitive pussy as you move away. "Enjoying your self my little girl?" you question with a laugh in your voice, " I'm just getting started, so prepare yourself." You untie me, though I am too tired to move much, you flip me over then retie me, shoving a pillow under my hips to angle me upwards and I hear you lift another item from the bedstand. I hear a bottle cap flick open and wonder what you will be doing to me now. I feel warm liquid dripping down me crack pooling around my rosebud then running down to my pussy. You massage the oil into me, slipping a finger or two into my untouched rosebud, losing it up. I feel something larger press against me, pushing into me. I can feel the bud straining to open large enough to fit whatever is being pushed into it. I'm glad that's the gag is catching my grunts as I try to relax around the unseen item. Tear are forming again and you pat my buns and tell me to relax. Finally the item is pushed inside and I'm relieved when you move away. My ass is burning and my breath catches with unshed tears. I hear a buzzing and a vibe is suddenly pressed to my clit causing my to jump as much as I can. You leave the vibe on the bed beneath me as I hump and press against it, the pain in my ass forgotten as I seek out pleasure. I hear chain rattle and am confused for a second before the first clamp is attached to my left pussy lip, the chain looped around my leg then the second clamp attacked further down on the left lip, to pull it open and away. The clamps are tight and stretch out the lip, it hurts and I struggle against the pain, as the same thing is done to the right lip. You place a kiss over the open hole. "So pretty, my little slut," you murmur as something cold is inserted into me. "It's metal, baby girl, I put it in the fridge when we got here," you answer my unspoken question. You make a movement and the metal object thicken inside me, "Do you like it my sweet? I'm going to stretch you out before I claim your ass my little slut.". You slap my ass and laugh before expanding the object again. The buzzing is still going and you move the thickening metal cock slowly in and out as you thicken it, inserting it all the way inside me till it hits my cervix. I struggle harder as you open me, like a flower blooming, the pain mixes with pleasure so I'm not sure what I'm feeling but it's intense. You fuck me slowly with it, in between opening it. You pat my buns and wiggle the plug in my ass to distract me when I cry out. You tell me over and over what a good girl I am, how pretty I look, how open I am, how proud you are and how you love using me. The buzzing, the stretching, your words, and the butt plug all combine and all too soon I'm falling into the hardest orgasm I have ever felt. It's over powering, the waves like fire and ice, sharp and flowing, as you push me deeper into it, holding me there, lifting me over crest after crest until I can handle no more. When the waves die down and I'm able to focus on the world the had been lost to me before I realise you are untie me again. Out comes the metal cock, you don't even bother to shrink it,just pulling it roughly from my tender pussy. The vibe is turned off. "My turn!" you whisper in my ear. My limbs are not working so you lift and carry me to the chair,where you place me, face down, ass in the air over the padded arm. You pull out the plug and push your swollen, hard, thick cock into my ass, moaning all the way. I don't have the strength to do anything but accept the cock into my ass and cringe at the pain of my stretching star. You set a furious pace, the foreplay has worked you up and you are pumping hard and fast into me, gripping my hips and you pull me into you then push back out. The pain has gone and the feeling is amazing. I wonder if it is possible to orgasm again, when I feel one building. Im sure I scream out loudly, clenching around you, driving you to move faster, when it does hit. We cum together my screams muted your groan long and then you lift me, still buried deep and collapse on the bed. We stay in silence, me because I'm still gagged and recovering, and you because your still processing until the alarm you set rings out, signalling that we have forty-five mins till you need to be at the gate to board your next flight. You gently take the blindfold and gag off, kissing my eyes and lips as you rub my body, feeling every inch, trying to memorise it. We take a quick shower, you wash me gently and whisper in my ear. We dress and check out and arrive at the gates with five mins to spare. I sit on your lap and your hand softly moved up my lap, touching me one last time before your flight is called and we have to say good bye. As you give me one last kiss you slip a SD card into my hand and tell me to enjoy, and then you are gone. At home I sit on my laptop and open the file. It's a video of our time together, and I smile as I watch you work over my body, remembering the feelin,g and wait for you to message me that you have arrived safely.

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