Compilation With Women Who Want To See How Sperm Jump On Them

Compilation With Women Who Want To See How Sperm Jump On Them

Hi, I'm Sylvia, but my friends call me Syl.My intimacy with my lady-loving girlfriend, Erin, began a few years ago in the springtime. The winter snow was already gone in West Michigan, and the ice had melted off Lake Michigan, but the boat-launching season had not yet begun.Erin and I were introduced to each other by DeeAnn, our mutual friend. DeeAnn had realized that both of us were bi-curious and inexperienced, but looking to explore our emerging bi-desires. DeeAnn invited both Erin and me to meet with her for dinner at the Olive Garden restaurant, near the River Town Crossings Mall in Grandville. Knowing that DeeAnn’s intent was to introduce us as possible intimates, I was nervous but excited.It turned out that Erin was a very petite and very blonde girl, who I found to be sensually attractive. She was twenty-four years old. She told me that she was between boyfriends, and had become somewhat disillusioned about guys due to the presumptuous behavior of the ones she had dated. She was a graduate student at the local regional university, GVSU, and shared a campus apartment with a straight girlfriend. She was a fit active girl, and one of her favorite activities for the upcoming summer was roller-blading on the off-road bike trails.I was a little older, twenty-seven. I worriedly hoped that she found me to be attractive too. I told her that I had been married for just over two years. And I hinted that, although I was very happy in my marriage, my life seemed a little bit incomplete. I also shared that my husband’s and my favorite activity for the upcoming summer was sailing on Lake Michigan.What I didn’t dare tell her was that my bi-curiosity had suddenly sprouted when my maid-of-honor, Becky, had kissed me very intimately at my wedding reception. As a surprise, Becky had arranged for the DJ to play Katy Perry’s song ‘I Kissed a Girl’ as she walked out onto the dance floor to greet me. I had never tongue-kissed a girl before, and I liked it more than I could have imagined.After dinner, with DeeAnn’s encouragement, Erin and I arranged a follow-up date for the next weekend. I was looking forward to getting to know Erin much better. I was grateful that DeeAnn had introduced us. We all hugged and kissed each other on the cheek as we departed. For our first date, Erin and I met for dinner in Grand Haven at the Snug Harbor restaurant. It is terraced into the hillside, overlooking the Grand River and the boardwalk along its edge, about a mile upstream from the mouth of the river into Lake Michigan. Each of us had travelled there separately in our own car so that either of us would be able to leave if she became uncomfortable.I had arrived first and sat in the upstairs street-level lobby anxiously waiting for Erin to arrive. My emotions were confused. I was nervous and a little bit timid, yet also eager. My husband, Ron, had given his indulgence for me to explore my blossoming bi-desires. But was this mere curiosity? Was this just to be a passing fantasy? Or, was I truly awakening to innate bi-sensuality? Maybe I had always been bi-sexual but, due to my conservative upbringing, had never allowed myself to acknowledge it? I was confused but knew I had to find the answers. I hoped Erin would be willing to explore with me.Soon she arrived. I smiled, stood, and said, “Hi,” and crossed the lobby to greet her. She stepped towards me, opening her arms to embrace me. We hugged. It felt so nice, yet still a little unfamiliar too. I whispered, “I’m glad you came.”She kissed me on the cheek and whispered into my ear, “I’m happy to see you again. I’ve thought of you so much since that night DeeAnn introduced us.”I replied, “I too have thought a lot about being with you,” and I kissed her cheek as I squeezed the hug tighter. It began to feel more natural to hold her close.The hostess interrupted by asking, “Two for dinner?”“Yes,” we both replied at once. As we broke our hug, we took each other’s hand, and together we followed the hostess down the broad staircase to the lower-level dining room. We were shown to a window table looking out onto the boardwalk and the river just beyond.We had a leisurely dinner with plenty of time for conversation. I purposely ordered a bottle of wine with dinner; hoping that drinking it would help calm our nerves, facilitate open conversation, and relax inhibitions. We both sipped the wine throughout the meal, finishing the entire bottle just before ordering dessert and coffee. I was beginning to genuinely like her, a whole lot; most of the typical first-date awkwardness of earlier in the evening had passed.After paying our bill at the table, we stood to leave. Before putting on our coats to go out into the cold, we stepped together and hugged again. I smiled then kissed her lightly on the lips. She squeezed our hug even tighter than before, pressing her sweater against my blouse, compressing our breasts together. I nuzzled my face to her neck. She reciprocated and I felt her soft warm breath on my neck.I took a chance and let one of my hands slide down her back until it rested on her skirt at the top of her tush cleavage. She responded by kissing my neck and sliding one of her hands up between us, onto my blouse, under-cupping my breast with the web of her hand, and pressing her fingertips onto the outside of my breast. I gasped in surprise, caught my breath, and then exhaled a soft sigh of contentment. She lightly flicked her thumb over my nipple and I moaned softly into her ear.She began to circle her thumb over my nipple and as it hardened she whispered, “Oh, you love that too, don’t you?“I wanted to reply, “Yes!” but all I could do was moan louder.Aware that others had heard my moaning and that now we were being watched, I began to feel self-conscious. Quickly, breaking apart our hug, I first kissed Erin lightly on the neck and then turned aside to put on my coat. She put hers on too. We exited from the lower-level dining room right out onto a paved path to the boardwalk beside the river. Again taking each other’s hand, we began to walk aimlessly downstream towards Lake Michigan. We continued our conversation as we walked.After we had walked about five minutes, we went around a bend where the river turned due west for its remaining flow to the lake. A cold westerly wind blew off the lake and up the river channel. It was chilling, although the sight of the sun and cloud patterns low in the western sky was beautiful.We retreated upriver and back around the bend, escaping the cold wind, came upon a park bench and sat. We turned to each other and hugged and kissed each other. Our tongues met for the first time and danced together as we hugged. I wished to slip my hand under her coat, but it was too cold.I suggested, “Let’s walk back to my car, then drive down to the Grand Haven State Park beach on Lake Michigan, and watch the sunset over the lake from the day-park. It will be warmer in my car.”“Yes, let’s do that. It’ll be nice,” Erin agreed. And so we did. Sitting in my car, watching and waiting for the final sunset, we hugged and kissed. I cracked the window open slightly for fresh air but kept the engine idling and heater on so it was soon toasty warm in my car. Wanting to give her access to my breasts, I loosened the front of my coat. And she did the same. The sunset was romantically beautiful as the sun slowly slipped below the distant horizon of the lake, and soon it began to get dark.We continued to kiss as dusk turned into darkness. Other sunset viewers were beginning to leave. I suckled on her tongue and began to fondle her smallish, but perky, breasts through her soft cashmere cardigan sweater. She moaned softly which encouraged me. I unbuttoned her sweater and slipped my hand inside it, happily discovering she wore no bra. I caressed the smooth skin of her breast. Her nipples were hardening and I rubbed my fingertip in circles about each of them, in turn.I dipped my face to kiss her near nipple while cupping her far breast in my palm. After kissing and licking her for a few minutes she moaned, “That feels wonderful, Syl.”So, I upped the ante and began to suckle her nipple, as I continued to massage her other breast in my palm. She caressed my hair.Breathing deep and smoothly, she moaned softly and murmured to herself, “I need to O.” So, she gathered up the hem of her long woolen skirt and hoisted it nearly to her waist, slipped her fingertips into her panty, and began to ‘jill’ herself.I began to nibble on her nipple, and tug and twist the other, hoping it would help her over the edge. Her breathing became fast, shallow, and erratic. Her legs began to twitch. Then she arched her back away from her seat and convulsed. Finally, she fell back into her seat and began to calm.After she caught her breath again, she pulled her hand from her panty and lifted it to my nostrils. I sniffed her lady fragrance. Her scent was like an aphrodisiac, luring my tongue to taste. I licked her fingers until all her delicious flavor was washed from her fingers and onto my tongue. Then I kissed her, presuming that she could taste herself on my tongue, as often I can taste myself on my hubby’s tongue. I hoped to taste her wonderful juice again, hopefully, right from her fount of joy.Saying, “Now I want to help you,” she unbuttoned my blouse and began to caress me.I was wearing a front-closure bra, which she unclasped and folded open. My nipples quickly awakened to her attention, and my pussy began to get warm. As our tongues kissed, she also rolled my far nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Then twisted and tugged it. My breast bounced as she did. I began to moan and whimper. Finally, between moans, I begged, “Erin, won’t you please suckle me, now?”She smiled at me, then lowered her face and kissed my near nipple, as she continued to play with the other with her fingers. Next, she licked me and then began to suckle me. Warmth was radiating from my pussy and was surging through me. It all felt so good, and so natural.Erin began to nibble my nipple, and I began to unzip the side seam of my slacks so that I might ‘jill’ myself as she had. Suddenly, she looked up, raised her mouth from my breast, muttered, “Oh no!” and then immediately ducked her head low to my chest. The Park Ranger had interrupted us by slowly driving past behind us. Merely by his presence, he announced that he would soon be closing the entry gates of the day-park.Not wanting to be locked within the park, I immediately drove us back to Erin’s car. Reluctant to part, we kissed a final goodnight kiss, our tongues dancing together. We promised each other to go out together again very soon. She fastened her coat, without re-buttoning her sweater, and she stepped out of my car and over into hers.We blew each other a kiss as we each drove off. I drove home with my coat and blouse and bra all still open, basking in the memory of the night. Eager to see her again, my bi-curiosity hadn’t been soothed away at all. Instead, my desire for intimacy with Erin had been intensified. The following week, I picked up Erin at her GVSU apartment in Allendale and we went to an early dinner at the Carrabba’s Italian Grill restaurant, also near the River Town Crossings Mall. While having dinner I suggested, “Afterwards, let’s go shopping for new bikinis. Then we’ll both be ready for summer, and you’ll have the proper attire to come with me on my family’s sailboat when it is launched for the season.” I wanted to imply that I was seeing our dating as the beginning of a longer-term relationship.She said, “That will be fun. We can model them for each other.”After finishing dessert, I drove us to the nearby Endless Summer Boutique, and we began to look for bikinis. We shopped first for Erin in the juniors’ section of the store. She tried on several, and I enjoyed watching her model them. On her fit, tiny, yet proportionately curved body; they all looked very good. Eventually, she settled on a lovely powder blue string bikini, with white piping and white strings, which looked wonderful with her bright blue eyes.Then we moved to the misses’ section of the store to look for mine. I was looking for one suitable for sunbathing, but not really for swimming. I wanted one without a lining which if it got wet would cling, almost transparently, to all of my curves. Part of me really wanted to show off for Erin, and visually offer myself to her. I found a light pastel purple string bikini, which looked nice with my fair skin and very dark hair.After we purchased both bikinis and got back into my car, I suggested, “Maybe we should go try them out.”Erin asked, “What do you mean?”I answered, “It’s still not too late t
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onight. Let’s go hot-tubbing.”“Where?”“We can rent, by the hour, a private hot-tub, either indoors or outdoors, at the Oasis Hot-Tub Gardens.”“Okay, I’d love to see you wearing your new bikini.”So, I took out my cell phone, into which in hopeful anticipation I had already programmed the number, and called for a reservation for an hour later, giving us enough time to drive to the north side of Grand Rapids. Arriving at Oasis, we signed in and selected a private outdoor tub setting, although it was still quite cool outside that evening. We went and changed into our new bikinis, then stepped out of our private changing room into the cool garden, across and down into the tub. Mist off the hot water rose like a fog into the cool air. I slowly submerged to my neck into the hot water to soak my new bikini, and then stood back up. The transition from the warmth of the water to the coolness of the air aroused my nipples, and I was pleased to feel that my bikini was clinging to my skin. Looking down, I could see that it was highlighting my protruding nipples; I hoped it was showing off my tushie too.We sat down, side-by-side, on the built-in bench and soaked in the bubbling jets of hot water. The water surface rippled across our breasts. We turned towards each other and hugged and kissed. As we did, I slid my fingertips under the fabric triangle of her bikini top and scissored her nipple between two of my fingers.Soon the hot water overheated me, and I needed to cool myself. So, I got up and sat upon the edge, with only my feet in the water. Spreading my legs, I hoped that my clinging bikini bottom was showing my cameltoe to entice Erin. She came and stood between my legs, looking down at me.Right at my eye level, her nipples were tempting me as they poked outwards against the fabric of her bikini top. Feigning a hug, I reached behind her back and playfully pulled loose the back tie string of her bikini top, which I then lifted off, up and over her head, exposing her pert breasts. I discarded her top by dropping it into the tub beside us. She smiled into my eyes, then reached down behind my neck and untied my top’s neck tie string, letting it fall down forward exposing my breasts too. I reached behind me and pulled loose my back tie string too, letting my top also fall free into the water. I leaned forward into her and kissed one of her breasts and fondled the other. Holding my head and caressing my hair, she whispered, “I love you, Syl, suckling me.”Then she got up out of the water and sat on the edge beside me. I thought to myself, “We only have a little time left on our hour’s reservation here; I need to make my move now.”So, I kissed her, and simultaneously put my hand on top of her thigh. Then using my hand to hold her in place, I slipped back into the water and knelt before her. I leaned in and symbolically kissed her covered mound. She said nothing, but moaned softly. I pulled loose the tie strings on both sides of her waist, letting her bikini bottom fall away, exposing her to me. Her wet, very fine soft blonde pubic hair glistened.Wanting to be naked for her, as she was now naked before me, I stood up briefly. As she watched, I pulled loose the side ties of my bikini bottom, letting it, too, fall away into the water. Then kneeling before her again and placing my palms on her inner thighs, I gently pushed her further open; she did not oppose. And I kissed her again on her mound, now bare except for her nicely trimmed fine hair. She moaned a little louder. Then softly, almost timidly, she begged, “Please lick me, Syl.”That was the invitation which I had wanted. I lowered my head and licked her outer lips, bottom to top, then kissed her mound again after my tongue crossed over her hooded clit. I licked a second time, with a little more pressure, parting her outer lips as I did. Then I diddled her hood right over her clit with the tip of my tongue. She moaned louder.I looked up and smiled at her. I saw she was tugging her nipples. She smiled down at me. “Erin,” I said softly, “Your pussy is as beautiful as your smile. I’ll always want to kiss them both.”She blushed, and then leaned back on her elbows and flared her knees open wider.I dipped my face back to her pussy. While kissing her mound again, I also used my thumbs to open her outer lips. Then, I licked inside her, tasting her. My tongue licked up and down along her inner lips savoring her flavor. Not knowing how sensitive she was, I gently used my forefingers to push her hood away to expose her clit. I lifted my head to see her clit. Having never seen another girl’s exposed clit, she looked so beautiful to me.Then I dipped my head again; and oh so delicately, I touched the tip of her clit with the tip of my tongue and then lifted back off. She moaned loudly, so I did it again but a little bit harder. She began to breathe fast and shallow. I gently licked across it. I slipped one of my thumbs into her ‘gina. I pursed my lips and encircled her clit, softly kissing it. I began to pump my thumb in and out of her.She was moaning loud and steady and began thrashing about; her legs beside my head began quivering. My lips on her clit morphed from kissing to suckling. “Come for me, Erin,” I thought. I continued fucking her ‘gina with my thumb while suckling her clit, hoping to help her orgasm. Then her thighs closed onto my head and I could feel her shudder--once, twice, thrice--then her thighs relaxed and fell open. I pulled out my thumb and then licked across the mouth of her ‘gina lapping up the taste of her joyous juice. Her orgasm tasted so delectable, and I knew that I would crave to taste her again and again and again.The intercom rang, announcing that our time was almost up. I helped her sit back up and kissed her on the mouth. She suckled on my tongue and I knew she could taste her orgasm on it. We gathered up the pieces of our bikinis.We quickly showered, toweled off and dressed, leaving just before our reservation expired. Getting back into my car, Erin asked, “Will you stay the night at my apartment? My roommate is away this weekend.”“I’m sorry, Erin,” I gently replied. “I cannot overnight with you. I must sleep with Ron in our bed tonight. You see, in exchange for my evening with you, I promised him that I would suck him off when I got home tonight, and that he may do me the ‘pile-driver’ when we awaken in the morning.”“The ‘pile-driver’, what’s that?”“I lay on my back on the bed with my hips just off the edge and my legs extended outwards. He stands between my legs and lifts them, by the ankles, way up and back to roll me back onto my shoulders, so my pussy is facing open upwards. He usually licks my pussy to confirm that I’m nice and slippery. Then he leans over me and plunges his cock downwards into me, hard and fast like a pile-driver or a jack-hammer.”“Oh! I bet he loves that!”“Yes, he does! And he usually cums very quickly that way; much faster than I do. So afterwards he licks my cum-filled pussy to finish me to my orgasm. But, the ‘pile-driver’ really stretches me out and makes me sore the next day. So, we only do it for special occasions. And he, being gracious to let me spend the evening with you, deserves for him a special reward.”I continued, “But it’s not yet that late. I could visit with you in your apartment, for just an hour or so, when bringing you home.” As we drove back across Grand Rapids to her apartment in Allendale, we talked about our possible future together. It was that dreaded, but necessary, define-the-relationship talk.I explained to her, “Erin, you have quickly become so much more than a bi-curiosity to me. You are welcome to be part of my life. Yet although I am beginning to love you, please understand that you will never displace my husband. He and I intend to have children and raise a family together. But, I would be pleased if you would become my intimate lady-loving girlfriend.”She replied, “Someday, I want to have a family, too. So, we could become ‘aunts’ to one another’s children. But I need to finish graduate school first.”I continued, “Erin, if you are willing, I want to enfold you into my life. I’ll introduce you to my family, both mine and Ron’s, and to my friends. I will not keep you hidden, as if I were ashamed of our relationship, because I am not ashamed of loving you.”“I think I’d like that,” she replied. Then saying no more, she just smiled and rested her hand on my thigh as we continued to drive. Upon arriving at her apartment, we quickly went in and with a sense of urgency immediately undressed one another, scattering our clothing on the living room floor. Taking my hand, she led me to her bedroom.She sat on the edge of her bed and spread her legs enough so that I could stand between them. I stood close, and placed my hands behind her neck and pulled her face into my breasts. She began to suckle me. My hands caressed her still damp hair as I held her head close to my heart. I moaned my approval. She cupped my other breast in her hand and then began to roll its nipple between her thumb and forefinger. My pussy was getting warm, and I needed to orgasm.With my nipple still in her mouth, I leaned forward over her. Still holding her face to my breast, I gently guided her onto her back. Then I rolled us onto our sides beside each other, her lips still suckling my nipple.I rolled us further until I was onto my back. She was now lying half atop of me and half aside me, and she still mouthed my nipple. She resumed fondling my other breast, taking it into her whole palm, squeezing it.I guided her hand, slowly sliding it down across my skin, from my breast to my pussy. I lifted my far-side knee and folded it aside, opening myself to her hand. She rested the heel of her hand on my mound letting her fingers lie lightly on my pussy lips. Her middle finger pressed between my outer lips and found my inner moisture. I moaned louder. She nibbled my nipple.Her middle finger caressed me along my inner lips. My pussy was becoming so warm and wet. My breathing was becoming faster. Then suddenly she slipped her finger past my inner lips into my ‘gina. For a moment the surprise took my breath away, and then I sighed in satisfaction. Her finger curled forward and she began to caress me from the inside. Next, her thumb rested upon my hooded clit. She pressed on it. I gasped, and then moaned. Captured between her finger and her thumb, she caressed me both from the inside and from the outside. The need in me was rising.I nudged her head away from my breast and she understood, moving her face to kiss my mound. Then keeping her middle finger inside, she used the fingers of her other hand to pull up my hood. And, just as I had done earlier to her, she gently touched my exposed clit with her tongue. She began to lick me. I was getting so warm. She began to flick her tongue across my clit and I began to quiver. My knee, up in the air, began to shake. She slipped a second finger into my ‘gina, and the two together began to pump me. My eyes closed, my teeth clenched, my back arching to push my pussy against her mouth. The warmth surged through me and out my pussy.My ‘gina clenched onto her fingers and shuddered all over as I orgasmed. My arching back relaxed and I collapsed down onto her bed. When I had slowly calmed, she kissed my clit a final time then lifted her head up and sat beside me. She pulled her fingers from my ‘gina and made a show of licking my joy juice off of them, even sucking them like a small ‘cockette.’ Finally, she helped me to sit up beside her. We hugged tightly and kissed. By then, it was time for me to return to my hubby.We got up from her bed and walked hand-in-hand back into her living room. She turned the lights on low. I gathered my clothes from the floor and then dressed to leave. Departing from her doorway, I kissed her good-bye while caressing her fit, firm, yet soft, bare tushie. Then as I drove off, Erin waved good-bye from her doorway with her nakedness silhouetted by the dim living room light. Driving home, I pondered our evening together. Eager to be with her again, I now embraced that my feelings for her were far more than bi-curiosity. Yet, I wondered how Ron would actually accept my blossoming bi-sensuality. Could he truly believe that I could love and desire Erin too, without loving and desiring him less? Somehow, we would need to work that out. Post Script:This is a reminiscence of how my sensual relationship with Erin began. Some Lush friends had inquired about that, so this is mainly written for them. It’s mostly true except that selected events, from multiple dates over several weeks’ time, are compressed together.  

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