Porn Movies With Romance Undressing At Mature Room With Short Hair And Tights

Porn Movies With Romance Undressing At Mature Room With Short Hair And Tights

The bedsprings were rocking and the headboard was crashing into the wall. The noise was quite amazing as the bed was put to the test.The reason was obvious. Sprawled on their backs with their legs open two attractive women were both being vigorously fucked by each other's partners. Had there been a top shot from a camera in the room, it would have caught the sight of two pairs of toned buttocks driving hard cocks into a pair of clearly moist pussies.The noise of the bed being rocked was matched by the gasps of the women and the grunts of the men as they drove their cocks into the willing flesh of their new partners.Emma & Amber both worked together in a central London consultancy firm and their partners Josh & Rahul knew each other from dinner parties and regular get-togethers after work and occasional weekends away. That was before the pandemic and the three lockdowns that the UK had experienced.Emma & Amber had been ordered to work from home at the very start and were both able to continue working as their clients adapted to the ongoing crisis. Rahul was a doctor, so on the front line from day one. Josh worked as a chef at a famous London hotel. The hotel’s Gulf owners had deep pockets, so they were able to top of the furlough money that he received when the hotel had to close.Josh worked as a volunteer for a charity preparing meals for those having to shield at home or for those who had simply run out of money. he found it very rewarding and believed that he was able to use his culinary skills to considerably raise the quality of the food that the charity was offering.Like many couples, all four had adapted to working from home and the freedoms and restrictions it offered. Emma was very careful to make sure that Rahul got the rest that he needed after some gruelling shifts, particularly at the start of the pandemic. Josh had also taken to preparing food for both couples and he would often prepare something sumptuous out for Emma & Rahul to heat up when they could.Both couples had adapted well to the freedoms that working from home offered. No longer having to commute into central London they found that they had lots more energy and time for each other. They were all in their mid-forties, so had also taken the time to build exercise into their days. There was no doubt that they were all looking better for having done it.Emma and Amber had also confided in each other that their sex lives had taken off because their partners had so much more time. Emma also confided that Rahul found a good hard fuck a very good way of relieving the stress of working on the front line. Amber admitted that she and Josh had fallen into a pattern of starting their day with a slow sensual morning fuck. “No need to rush for the tube anymore and I don’t have to log on till nine in the morning, so we may as well make good use of the time. Besides that, you should see Josh these days, those workouts are really paying off.” Amber admitted, unable to conceal her satisfaction.Zoom was something none of the four had ever heard of before lockdown, but like many, it and other similar platforms became an essential way of working and of staying in touch with friends and family. Emma, Amber, Rahul & Josh would regularly meet for social group chats. They tried quizzes and things like wine and whisky tastings, all the things they used to do, only done from home over the internet.One evening after a particularly enjoyable wine tasting things got a little more adventurous. All four had ignored the convention that after tasting a wine you are supposed to spit it out. They had all drunk and enjoyed every sample in the boxes they had been sent. Nobody quite remembers who suggested it, but the wine tasting became a game of strip poker.All were laughing so much that they went along with it. the men lost their shirts and the women were down to their bras. Amber lost the next round and then admitted that she was already naked from the waist down. Josh was able to confirm this. There was nothing for it. Amber had to lose her bra in front of the camera on the laptop she and Josh were using. With a confident flourish, she theatrically removed her bra and displayed her large tits to all on the call. Josh was so turned on that he suggested that it was time for the game to end and Emma & Rahul agreed. Turning to Amber, he kissed her fully on the lips and felt for her tits at the same time. Her nipples were already proudly erect.Amber hungrily returned Josh’s kiss and began searching for his cock. She also admitted that she was now incredibly turned on and would have liked for Rahul to see her pussy. On hearing this Josh simply bent her over the sofa and took her from behind, no preliminaries or foreplay he just pushed his cock into her. Amber wasn’t joking, her pussy was slick and wet and Josh was able to sink his cock deeply into her. Amber and Josh had always enjoyed a healthy and energetic sex life together. They were good lovers who cared for each other. It
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was clear that tonight something had changed for both of them. As soon as they had finished fucking on the sofa, they went to their bedroom and continued to pleasure one another into the early hours.A few streets away in their house, Emma & Rahul were equally turned on by what had happened on the screen. Rahul had seen Amber topless before when all four had enjoyed a holiday together on Fuerteventura, but tonight had been much more sexual. Emma came to bed naked which was always a sign of good times ahead. As soon as she got under the covers she took Rahul’s cock in her mouth and sucked him until he came in her mouth. Emma wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and then insisted that Rahul lick her cunt, a word she only used when she was really aroused.In WhatsApp messages and calls in the days that followed, both Emma and Amber both confessed that as a result of the game they had played, both were getting more and better sex. Emma also admitted that she has noticed that Rahul had been looking at the photographs from their holiday on the Canary Islands a few years ago and particularly of some shots of Amber in her bikini.“Wow, I look a lot hotter these days than I did then,” Amber admitted feeling very pleased to have been noticed. She also felt her pussy moisten at the thought of Rahul looking at pictures of her. A few days later, Josh was in the middle of a pretty strenuous workout, he was trying to beat a personal best recorded on his watch. He was sweating and his gym shirt stuck to his toned body. As soon as he had finished, he saw that Amber had her camera out and was taking some pictures of him.“What are you going to do with them?” he enquired“I was telling Emma just how fit you are and I wanted to show her,” Amber replied“So you are going to send them over to Emma?” Josh asked“I’d like to, and she would like to see them,” said Amber.Josh pulled his wet t-shirt over his head and adopted a pose. He heard the camera shutter click several times. Looking straight down the lens he then dropped his shorts, revealing that his cock had already started to swell. Amber continued taking pictures.Now fully erect, Josh advanced on Amber and then reaching for the camera, he put it on the table. He put his arms around her, his hard cock touching her midriff. He put his hands on her bum and then pulled down her leggings and knickers in one go. Amber stepped out of them and pulled her sweatshirt over her head to be as naked as Josh. She then knelt in front of him and took his cock into her mouth. Josh fucked Amber’s mouth until he came, not something he usually did, but he felt so horny he just let himself be led by his cock.After cumming, Josh led Amber to the bedroom. He then asked her to masturbate for him while he watched and got hard again. Amber knew this a something that Josh really liked and she was pleased to perform for him. She reached into the bedside cabinet and retrieved a glass dildo which she then proceeded to rub her pussy with before inserting it all the way in. It hadn’t had a lot of use since the lockdowns started because she and Josh were fucking so much.Both couples were lying naked in bed one morning after another night of good sex. The radio news came on and they both heard for the first time that provisional dates had been announced for the easing of the lockdowns. One of the first measures to be tried was relaxing the rule that prevented people from different households from mixing together. In theory, the rule said that the mixing could only take place in an outdoor setting like a garden. Unlike the first lockdown when the London weather had been unseasonably warm this April was very cold, the chances of people obeying that rule were slim to non-existent. The mixing would go on, friends had been apart for just too long.Amber and Emma hatched a plan together, they both knew that the relationship between the four of them had changed and was now electric. The day of the rule change finally arrived and Amber and Josh walked over to Rahul and Amber’s house, they brought with them a couple of bottles of wine. Josh was surprised that Amber had chosen to wear her baggy sweatpants and a thick t-shirt under her fleece jacket. He assumed that she would want to dress to impress Rahul.Emma answered the door dressed equally casually which surprised Josh because she always liked to dress in very sexy but classy outfits.The rules said that there should be no hugging, kissing, or touching just yet how widely observed this was going to be was anybody’s guess. Josh & Rahul stood in the kitchen and began to discuss which wine they would like to try first. Emma and Amber went next door.The wireless speaker came to life and the Waterboys began singing. The door opened and Emma and Amber returned. They were both naked. They walked up to Josh and Rahul and then Emma knelt in front of Josh and Amber in front of Rahul. They then reached up and unzipped the men's jeans and reached for their cocks. 

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